We proudly present...

...the spectular and unusual as well as the little "gems" and the everyday things which, when scrutinised more closely, turn out to be not so every day after all. But all the things that "somehow" have something to do with culture, have a story to tell about life in front of, on or behind the stage.

The world is changing constantly. In a globalised world, always connected electronically to each other and (almost) everywhere - but still so distant from each other - much more than in the past.

Consequently, there is still a lot to discover - on both a large and on a small scale. We encounter interesting things which can teach us something, amaze us, make us shake our heads at times, or "simply" give us pleasure.

In the category "We proudly present...", we would like to present just such things here on our homepage and in the every year new Kulturbörse-catalogue: book presentations, awards/competitions, occupational fields, interesting locations, special services and businessees and lots more.

There is more to discover than we realize, let's wait and see!