Every year the Opening Gala at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg is an event in the spacious theatre (Theatre Hall 1) on the evening before the trade fair starts – starring extraordinary artists in a marvellous programme.


This is the programme of the Opening Gala 2015:


5/8erl in Ehr'n / AT

5/8erl in Ehr'n have long since created their own genre. “Yes, we does” combines Viennese soul, heavy rocksteady, melancholic waltzes, sex, groove and naked hypnosis. A gentle song, a furious ride and then you find yourself sitting by the sea with light flickering across its surface.



KermesZ à l'Est / BE

By combining the emotion of Klezmer and Balkan melodies with the power of rock and metal, KermesZ à l'Est is a unique brassband that transports us to a wild Eastern Europe, with a repertoire that rocks out and a contagious vivacity.



Wall Clown / DE                                                                 

Wall Clown is a unique performance packed with humour and charm, based on a simple twist of perspective. This little "trick", however, is not concealed, but forms the central element in the performance with the audience becoming the astounded accomplices.

Wall Clown


Martin O. / CH

One man, so many voices. Martin O. is a vocal virtuoso, a beatboxer and an imaginative musical storyteller – in each and every soundscape and musical style. He is both witty and charming and sings with himself in canon, sounding as if he has swallowed a choir plus an orchestra.

Martin O.


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