Every year the Opening Gala at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg is an event in the spacious theatre (Theatre Hall 1) on the evening before the trade fair starts at 20 pm – starring extraordinary artists in a marvellous programme.


This was the programme of the Opening Gala 2015:


5/8erl in Ehr'n / AT

5/8erl in Ehr'n have long since created their own genre. “Yes, we does” combines Viennese soul, heavy rocksteady, melancholic waltzes, sex, groove and naked hypnosis. A gentle song, a furious ride and then you find yourself sitting by the sea with light flickering across its surface.



Otto Jaus / AT

In his solo programme “Fast fertig – Ein musikalischer Amoklauf” the laureate of the Austrian Cabaret Award highlights his stage experiences and explains why his mother is always right. He sings, plays and talks from the beginning nearly to the end - because you are never done.










© Jan Frankl


KermesZ à l'Est / BE

By combining the emotion of Klezmer and Balkan melodies with the power of rock and metal, KermesZ à l'Est is a unique brassband that transports us to a wild Eastern Europe, with a repertoire that rocks out and a contagious vivacity.



Wall Clown / DE                                                                 

Wall Clown is a unique performance packed with humour and charm, based on a simple twist of perspective. This little "trick", however, is not concealed, but forms the central element in the performance with the audience becoming the astounded accomplices.

Wall Clown


Martin O. / CH

One man, so many voices. Martin O. is a vocal virtuoso, a beatboxer and an imaginative musical storyteller – in each and every soundscape and musical style. He is both witty and charming and sings with himself in canon, sounding as if he has swallowed a choir plus an orchestra.

Martin O.


Sans Compagnie Fixe / FR

The last representatives of the lineage of filament bulbs are facing extinction. The Bulb Heads move out of the shade and invade public spaces, not wanting to fade into oblivion!

Sans Compagnie Fixe.jpg









Presenter: Matthias Brodowy / DE

In 1999 he was rewarded by Hanns Dieter Hüsch with the cabaret award of the lower Rhine region „Das schwarze Schaf“. Further awards include the Prix Pantheon and in 2013 the German Cabaret Award. Currently Borowy is on tour with several cabaret shows.








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