Every year the Opening Gala at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg is an event in the spacious theatre (Theatre Hall 1) on the evening before the trade fair starts – starring extraordinary artists in a marvellous programme.


This was the programme of the Opening Gala 2014:

Pippo Pollina / IT, CH (Winner of the FREIBURGER LEITER Music 2013)

Pippo Pollina, the winner of numerous prizes including the Swiss Cabaret Award 2012 and the FREIBURGER LEITER 2013 – impresses with his enormous, unceasing creativity which is a never-ending source of amazement. He surprises us with lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs or even with the odd lively, catchy tune.

Pippo Pollina


Ennio Marchetto / IT

Despite us living in the anti-paper era, the era of the ‘www’, over five million people have watched a paper artist on YouTube. He must be something really special, something unique and spectacular. It must be the one and only Ennio!

Ennio Marchetto

Anna Prinz / DE

Since 2007, Anna Prinz has devoted herself to sand painting, a technique which requires very few requisites. Your hands serve as your drawing tools to create images in sand, which is spread out on a glass plate and illuminated from below. One image merges into the next to create a whole story – poetic, atmospheric, and moving!

Anna Prinz

 © Sebastiano Toma


Brincadeira / ES

Brincadeira - 10 young percussion artists from Catalonia - is back with a brand new, spectacular format. This is a dynamic show in which choreographies and rhythms are constantly evolving and interacting. 



Andreas Thiel / CH

Andreas Thiel - recently awarded the Deutschen Kabarettpreis - is one of the most merciless satirist in German-speaking area. Thiel’s 4th black satire is about politics, death and champagne.

Andreas Thiel



With "The Light of Visions", the Fenix Theatre Company have come up with a modern illuminated fairy story based on the enchantment of love and the good. A performance which combines music, light, and physical theatre.

Fenix Theatre Company


Stiltlife / Brandkommando / NL, DE

Three figures present a fantastic spectacle featuring fireballs explosions and fireworks. The spectators can feel the direct heat of the flames.They are touched by the power of the special effects in various scenes such as the moment when the devil makes a fatal decision.



Presentation: Sebastian Krämer / DE

Sebastian Krämer, winner of numerous awards (including Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis Chanson 2009, Deutscher Kabarettpreis 2012 …) touched and surprised with his melodies and his haunting lyrics. When Krämer is your host for the evening, then not much can go wrong!

Sebastian Krämer

© Gerald von Foris


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