This concept shows you anually special live performances. As an entire production or rather a complete performance you can experience an outstanding production, premiere, thematic programms, remarkable and extraordinary artists!

These were the SPECIALS of the 27th IKF 2015:


Chapertons / 27th January 2015 - from 21:30 pm onwards (theatre 1)

The Chapertons from Spain present a combination of modern comedy and classical clown theatre at its best. Their only props are ordinary, everyday car tyre inner tubes.









Global A Cappella / 27th January 2015 - from 21:30 pm onwards (theatre 2)

From Singapore to Helsinki

Every year, the programme makers succeed in enticing international stars and newcomers from the flourishing, worldwide a cappella scene to Freiburg. The same applies in 2015, when the fifth edition of the IKF A-Cappella Specials will be presenting an Asiatic vocal group for the very first time. Club for Five, the second act under the motto “Global A Cappella” demonstrate that Finland, though relatively small, has a lot to offer when it comes to vocal music. The evening will be opened by MICappella (www.micappella.com) from Singapore. Finland may not be a big country but, even so, they have produced several world-class a cappella groups: Club for Five (www.clubforfive.fi) are one of the most creative and entertaining vocal groups in Europe.

A Cappella Abend_Club For Five (1).jpg        A Cappella Abend_MICappella (1).jpg

   Club for Five/ FI                         MICappella/SG


Sur Mesure / 27th January 2015 - 10:30 - 11:00 pm (foyer)

“Fillage” by Sur Mesure is a production resulting from the fusion of a skilful circus trio with an accomplished five-voice female a-capella group.







JOHNman / 27th January 2015 from 19:00 pm onwards and 28th January from 20:00 pm onwards (foyer)

Standstill is entertainment! JOHNman is one of Berlin's best-known living doll artists and has had a great influence on this art form in Germany for many years.



Poetry Slam / 27th January 2015 from 20:30 pm onwards (K 6 - 9)

Poetry slam is on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s ears. No wonder, because texts that are usually vegetating between two book covers are suddenly woken up. At a Poetry Slam, the authors step up to the mike with their texts, without the protection of a lectern with its obligatory glass of water and reading lamp. And it works - regardless of the venue. Be it a cellar bar or a theatre in the metropolis or a small town, the shows are always sold out and the microphones rock.

PoetrySlam_Lumpenpack.jpg              PoetrySlam_tobikatze©benjamin_mischke.jpg

Lumpenpack/booth 2.6.17    Tobi Katze/booth 2.8.23


PoetrySlam_Phillip Scharri.jpg              PoetrySlam_Christian Bartel.jpg

 Phillip Scharri/booth 2.8.19              Christian Bartel/booth 2.6.17                             

PoetrySlam_Zymny-8©Jan Brandes.jpg                              PoetrySlam_Till Reiners.jpg                  

Jan Phillip Zymny/booth 2.5.20    Till Reiners/booth 2.5.20

 PoetrySlam_TeamScheller.jpg                  PoetrySlam_Felix Römer (2).jpg

Team Scheller/booth 2.6.17                Moderation: Felix Römer/

booth 2.6.17


Nono Battesti  / 27th January 2015 - 21:00 - 22:00 pm (theatre 1)

In a show combining dance and live music, “Double” presents the audience with an explosive display of emotions and surprises. Double is about poetry, about a delicate sense of shame but, more importantly, about freedom.

nono battesti (4).jpg








Winners of the FREIBURGER LEITER 2014 / 28th January 2015 - 15:00 - 16:15 pm (theatre 2 except for Só Teatro (in hall 3))

9521_Onair_#1_quadrat.jpg              9525-Teatro Só (3).jpg              Maxi (2).jpg

ONAIR                                            Teatro Só                                                  Maxi Schafroth


Cia La Tal / 28th January 2015 - 11:30 - 12:15 pm (central foyer)       

This show is the culmination of the evolution of two strong lines of work. First, the commitment to creating extraordinary stage sets, as seen in productions like the CARILLÓ show. Secondly, Cia La Tal’s latest interpretation of the world of the clown, which can be enjoyed in their show DÉMODÉS.

Cia la








La Industrial Teatrera / 28th January 2015 - 14:30 - 15:15 pm (hall 3)

De Paso is a show about the cycle of life performed by two clowns. De Paso is round like the world, like cycles, like life. It is a poetic and comic clown show where the artists communicate with their audience through laughter, facial expressions and gestures.

La Industrial Teatrera (2).jpg








SZENE WIEN / 29th January 2015 - 12:15 - 14:00 pm (theatre 2)

If you want to discover that Vienna is a pulsating hotspot on the cabaret and performing arts scene, there is no need to leaf through the history books from the likes of Kreisler, Qualtinger or Bronner. A glance at the What’s On page in the daily paper will suffice: Day in, day out, a dozen or more cabaret artists are on stage. In addition, there are twenty more stages offering cabaret and other performances at regular intervals. 


9526-RaDeschnig©Agentur Rideo.jpg     



RaDeschnig/booth 2.2.40


Thomas Maurer.jpg

Thomas Maure/booth 2.2.40


9526-Christof Spörk.jpg



Christof Spörk/booth 2.2.40


Marcel Mohab.jpg

Marcel Mohab/
booth 2.2.40

9526-Hosea Ratschiller © Christian Pitschl.jpg

Hosea Ratschiller/booth 2.2.40


9526-Gery Seidl.jpg

Gery Seidl
/booth 2.2.40


Presenter: Günther Paal

Cia. Mar Gomez / 29th January 2015 - 17:30 - 18:05 pm (central foyer)

Cia Mar Gómez is a dance theatre company that mixes a personal, choreographic language with various characteristic traits including theatricality, narrative ability, poetic images, gesture, physical strength and, above all, great humour.



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