3 Freiburg Poetry Slam

Special 2: Tuesday, 24 January 2012, 8.30 pm, Theatre Hall 2



A novelty at the International Kulturbörse Freiburg!

A competition open to the public – a poet contest live!

Roland Zipfel alias Ziro!, an author himself, a free spirit and organiser of literary and poetry events is the man in charge of the FREIBURG POETRY SLAM.

The way was paved in 2010 – it was then established in 2011 - and in 2012 it was a “Special“ at the 24 International Kulturbörse Freiburg.

Come along and join us when the poets, lyricists, and grand slammers with both spoken and written word vie to win your favour on the show stage in Theatre 2 at the Trade Fair Centre Freiburg! The candidates have to give their all: amusing, beguiling or moving sentences rhyme and are then presented as a whisper or a murmur, or sometimes shouted or even screamed out.

The aim is to accommodate life, love and all the other big questions facing mankind in five and a half minutes! A poetic coming together of an amazingly diverse range of styles awaits you.

And you, the audience, are the pointers on the scales!

There can be only one winner of the 3rd FREIBURG POETRY SLAM.

As members of the jury, you will be directly involved with the outcome…

Look forward to our special guest Nico Semsrott, known from google, youtube, television and many slam stages and the winner of numerous awards: 2009 the first NDR Comedy Contest, 2011 the Stuttgarter Besen (audience award), NDR Comedy Contest Winter show, runner up at the Bielefeld Cabaret Awards and 3rd place at the  ScharfrichterBeil Passau and the NDR Comedy Contest 2011.

Presenter: Roland Zipfel (Contact: www.ziro-event.de)

And, it goes without saying, there will be first class musical accompaniment.

Poetry Slam

Special-Guest - Nico Semsrott
Special-Guest - Nico Semsrott

Ziro - Moderator POETRY SLAM
Ziro - Moderator POETRY SLAM

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