Ponten Pie

Special 5:

Tuesday, 24 January and Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 2.15 pm and 5.30 pm,

Thursday, 26 January 2012, 10.30 am, in each case in an extra room (1 B)


Ponten Pie

Ponten PieCopacabana is a show that fuses visual theatre and theatre with objects, live cooking and cabaret, in an unusual environment.

Ponten Pie transforms a theatre into a restaurant without much activity, run by three chefs: Rita, Laura and Marco, who try to make a go of the restaurant with the resources they have left. The audience, an essential character for the development of the show, attends as customers at the Copacobana restaurant and not as regular spectators, being immersed in 360 degree representation where they taste small quantities of delicious dishes cooked by the actors. Thus, the company seeks to introduce the spectator into a world where reality and drame are constantly mixing. A complete and unique experience in an especially unusual environment.


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