Special Shows

Having been firmly anchored in the Kulturbörse Supporting Programme for several years, we are introducing every year the new sequel to our series of "Special Shows". Each year, we are presenting a wide spectrum of exhibits in the fields of culture, the arts and communication including art exhibitions and remarkable exhibits to stimulate all the senses.


Artizani "Bees! The Colony" / GB


(Foyer F5)

29518_BEES! The Colony by Artizani.jpg

A group which specialises in spectacular theatre performed in unconvetional spaces. In "BEES! The Colony", audiences wander amongst the honey-perfumed Bee Colony, occasionally cloaked in smoke, finding a variety ways of viewing and interacting with the contents of nine impossible Bee Hives. In each there is a surprising conceptual twist, which challenges, charms and confounds expectations.


Cia. LA TAL / ES


(Zentralfoyer F7)

29403_Cia. LA TAL(1).jpg


A show specially designed for Christams time and its many celebrations - the ideal show for Christmas markets, shopping streets and pedestrian zones or Christmas events. The playing surface has a very special appearance - an extraordinary movement, especially with Christmas decoration. From inside a clock, magic pours out into the outside world. Lights and costumes with voluminous shapes and bright colors create a magical atmosphere.



Peus de porc / ES


(Foyer F3)

29406_Peus de Porc.jpg


Peus de Porc are known for their innovative shows. This interactive installation provides a 3-minute experience and offers a spacewalk which takes place over 80,000 kilometers away. It is a great experience full of surprises and unbeatable views of planet Earth. A rocket giving real flight to the imagination...


Frans Custers / NL


29423_Frans Custers(5).JPG

Frans Custers presents a variety of characters in the "natural theater". His bizarre fortune-teller "Marthilda" has room for up to ten visitors.The audience is interactively involved in the clairvoyance, which is increasingly absurd. Special light and sound effects do their utmost.



 Théâtre de la Toupine / FR


(Foyer F10)

29538_Théâtre de la Toupine(1).JPG

Here they come, brand new from the Théâtre de la Toupine forge: ten string puppets, life-size and interactive. A talented master of constrcution has recently transformed all kinds of recycling materials and worn everyday objects into funny figures. They all invite the curious spectator to join in their games.


Der Charmeur - Jörn Kölling / DE


(Zentralfoyer F4)

29542_Jörn Kölling 3.JPG

As "The Charmer", Jörn Kölling first developed different Walkact creatures - especially insects, fish and other near-natural figures. In 2005/06 he designed his first sales trays. In Freiburg, his "Bibliothek der verbotenen Bücher" is celebrating it's premiere - Luther's first writings, forbidden books of the Nazi era, "Satanische Verse", "Mein Kampf", etc. All three projects are rounded off with touches of cabaret.



Deutsches Kabarettarchiv / DE         


(Foyer F4)

29544_Kabarett Archiv(3).JPG

The Stiftung Deutsches Kabarettarchiv e.V. presents 4 of the series of exhibitions "100 years of cabaret". Fascism is defeated. Germany occupied. Among the ruins of a thousand-year Reich cabaret, and performing arts satges resume performances and enjoy their regained freedom under allied control. Critique of the time criticism and political satire become the trademark in the following two decades.






(Zentralfoyer F2)

The Heritage by sl@iqn2.com.png

When art comes from ability - and who is it to doubt that? - the outcome is what  the gentlemen of THE HERITAGE create, great art! Right in the heart of Freiburg is where you can discover a top-notch oasis of well-being! At the IKF, they will be showing their "The Flying Heritage", a converted former ambulance with V8 barber's chair.



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