Variety in Central Foyer

Bram Graafland / Netherlands


Thu., 28.01.2016, 3.00-3.20 pm, CF


Bram Graafland

This physical show spins frenetically between theatre, a circus act and a music concert, but its final delivery is all about baking one solitary pancake. A frenetic enjoyment.



FraMarto' / Italy, Great Britain


Thu., 28.01.2016, 11.30-11.50 am, CF



“Out of the Blu'” is a small-scale circus street theatre show which combines circus artistry, juggling, and clownery with lots of audience participation.



Hoopelaï / Canada


Wed., 27.01.2016, 2.00-2.20 pm, CF



Hoopelaï is a show that travels everywhere and is appealing to everyone. With hoops spinning, this Grand Lady transports you into a universe filled with amazing feats and an impressive and touching simplicity.



Les Jolies Fantastiques / Italy


Wed., 27.01.2016, 10.30-10.50 am,



Les Jolies Fantastiques

An ironic glance at the female universe. A dynamic show combining elements of circus and theatre with lots of surprises! Fantastic!




Les Dudes / Canada, Switzerland


Thu., 28.01.2016, 3.30-3.50 pm, CF


Les Dudes

The show combines well-timed comedy, refined circus skills just the right amount of audience participation and great chemistry between the performers. One surprise follows another!



Luigi Ciotta / Spain


Wed., 27.01.2016, 4.30-4.50 pm, CF


Luigi Ciotta

“Sweet dreams” is a visual comedy-juggling show. Luigi Ciotta juggles with cupcakes, dances with cotton candy and balances wedding cakes on his chin.
He is Mr. Candy Man!



Malas Compañías / Spain, Argentina


Tue., 26.01.2016, 6.30-6.50 pm, CF


Malas Compañias

Welcome to a special universe, a world of barrels, planks and boxes, of routine, dreams and shared weaknesses.



Meriko / Japan


Thu., 28.01.2016, 4.00-4.20 pm, CF



She is the only official solo pole dance artist in the Tokyo metropolis. Her dance is very emotional, powerful but delicate. Her repertoire features fire and aerial dances, which incorporate a variety of modern and original dance techniques.



Mistral / Chile


Thu., 28.01.2016, 5.30-5.50 pm, CF



Starring one of the few acrobats crazy enough to perform on an unanchored Chinese pole, thrills are guaranteed! Let’s swing!

Oddlings – theatrical acrobatics / Netherlands


Tue., 26.01.2016, 2.30-2.50 pm, CF



You can see the comical and surprising tale of a window-dresser and a mannequin in which a fascinating variety of acrobatic tricks are interwoven into the tapestry of the story.



Serena Vione / Italy, Spain


Wed., 27.01.2016, 11.00-11.35 am, CF


Serena Vione

On stage, a woman is surrounded by thousands of pieces of iron. Serena Vione attempts to create forms and different spaces with the aim of constructing a path that will lead her upward, to greater and greater heights.



Stefano Di Renzo / Italy


Wed., 27.01.2016, 4.00-4.20 pm, CF


Stefano Di Renzo

He holds himself afloat just by the strength of his grip whilst precariously balancing on top of the rope he is holding. He is in control of the system but, at the same time, he is controlled by it. Rope acrobatics in a special way!



Thomas Blackthorne / Great Britain


Tue., 26.01.2016, 7.00-7.20 pm, CF

Thomas Blackthrone

He is a very serious fakir and extreme stunt performer who swallows neon light bulbs and pneumatic hammers, pushes skewers through his face and nails his tongue to a block of wood. With this show he holds several world records.



UliK Produktion / Germany


Wed., 27.01.2016, 2.30-2.50 pm, CF


UliK Produktion

The productions of UliK has always been something special. In his latest production, UliK brings an industrial robot to life in the most fascinating of ways and allows it to become the protagonist of the show.



Zirkus Meer / Austria


Thu., 28.01.2016, 11.00-11.20 am, CF


Zirkus Meer

The “player” decides to use tarot cards to build a pyramid. Each of the cards has its very own meaning. With the help of the spectators, who hand him each card, he goes onwards and forever upwards.

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