Brief history of the IKF

The idea

Rückblick_SchlagzeugerThe basic idea is simple but convincing at the same time: instead of sending extremely busy organisers on expensive, time-consuming trips up and down the country to view the latest results of artists' work, we invite them to Freiburg and give them the opportunity to view a wide variety of productions and artists in a concentrated format, all within a few days. At the same time, we offer the artists, or the agencies representing them, a chance to present their work on information stands. As the aim has always been to present as many performances as possible, within as few days as possible, the performances are short stage performances and not full-length productions.

This philosophy, combined with the basic elements of live performances and trade fair stands, continues to form the basis of the Kulturbörse Freiburg today - despite changes to the overall conditions and the expansion and modification of the individual elements of the programme, as well as considerable growth in both the range and complexity of information on offer.

From 1989 to the present day

Rückblick_MarkelineAt the 1st Kulturbörse Freiburg, which took place in the Bürgerhaus in the Seepark, the fair offered two information areas: live performances in the Bürgerhaus theatre and information stands in the foyer of the building (later moved into a tent erected adjacent to the Bürgerhaus).




Nowadays, the whole structure and the events programme are somewhat different:
  • 3 instead of 2 fair days
  • transfer of the event to the Trade Fair Centre Freiburg (since 2001)
  • date of the Kulturbörse brought forward to January or February
  • extended programme: ranging from cabaret to all the different forms of the performing arts, varieté, dance, a wide spectrum of performances, street theatre and - since 2004 - music
  • four large, separate stages for theatre, street theatre and music performances
  • modern trade fair stands offering high technical standards to replace the basic information stands
  • extended programme including a big opening gala (Opening), the Forum Wissen (seminars, presentations, product demonstrations,Variety Show) and an additional supporting programme with exhibitions, trade fair stand award etc.
  • introduction of the Kulturbörse award, DIE FREIBURGER LEITER (presented for the first time at the 20th IKF)
  • extensive internet presence offering the opportunity to complete the whole application process (live performances and trade fair stands) onli

As the developments outlined here have taken place in an on-going process, our visitors have had the chance to consider these innovations and changes and give us their support. The structures have therefore evolved gradually, which we have found more preferable than making hasty decisions and changes.

Over the years, thousands of visitors have made use of the wide range of opportunities. The list of artists and groups who have been guests at the Kulturbörse and presented a live performance is long and impressive. Here is a short selection of artists who have appeared on stage at the Kulturbörse Freiburg:


1st Kulturbörse Freiburg (1989) Rüdiger Hoffmann / D
Les Bubb / GB
Compagnia Teatro del Chiodo / CH
2nd Kulturbörse Freiburg (1990) Maul & Clownseuche / D
Alex Porter / CH
Rafistol / F
3rd Kulturbörse Freiburg (1991) Die Schönen der Nacht / D
Dram-Bakus / F
Zap Mama / B
4th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1992) Peter Spielbauer / D
I Pendolari dell' Essere / I
Moshe Cohen / USA
5th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1993) 3 Gestirn Köln Eins / D
Csaba Méhes / H
La Framboise Frivole / B
6th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1994) Marcus Jeroch / D
Acapickels / CH
Paul Morocco & Olé / GB
7th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1995) Ganz Schön Feist / D
Ursus & Nadeschkin / CH
Montezuma's Revenge / NL
8th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1996) Michael Mittermeier / D
Paolo Nani / DK
Mark Britton / GB
9th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1997) Detlef Winterberg / D
Les Poubelles Boys / F
FlügZüg / CH
10th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1998) Django Asül / D
Avner Eisenberg / USA
Leo Bassi / I
11th Kulturbörse Freiburg (1999) Jess Jochimsen / D
Alf Poier / A
Tomás Kubinek / Ca
12th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2000) Kaya Yanar / D
Ludwig Müller / A
Les Founambules / B
13th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2001) Bodo Wartke / D
Alex Porter / CH
Helfried / A
14th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2002) Andreas Rebers / D
Bülent Ceylan / D
hop o' my thumb / CH
15th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2003) Barbara Kuster / D
tok tok tok / Ni,DK
Jigalov / Rus
16th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2004) Frank Goosen / D
Men's Voices / B
Tr' éspace / CH
17th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2005) Hagen Rether / D
Andreas Thiel / CH
Die Echten / A
18th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2006) Alfons / D, F
Peter Shub / USA
Carlos Núnez / E
19th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2007) Rockapella / USA
Fatih Cevikkollu / D
Joseph Collard / B
20th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2008)
Annamateur & Aussensaiter / D
Chapertons / E
Rick Kavanian / D
21th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2009)
Karl-Heinz Helmschrot / D
Bouldegom Thèatre / F
Sirqus Alfon / S
22th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2010)
Dave Davis / D
The House Jacks / US
Companyia LA TAL / ES
23th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2011)
Klaus-jürgen "Knacki" Deuser / DE
The Rapparees / IE
Becky Hoops / CA

24th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2012)
Ponten Pie / ES
Nico Semsrott / DE
Team & Struppi / DE
25th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2013)
Pippo Pollina / I, CH
Naoto / JP
Sascha Korf / DE
26th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2014)
Stiller Has / CG
Habbe & Meik / DE
Gabriel Vetter / CH 
27th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2015)
Andreas Vitásek / AT
Maxi Schafroth / DE
Tukkersconnection / NL

28th Kulturbörse Freiburg (2016)
Ilja Richter / DE
Carl-Einar Häckner / SE
Goitse / IE
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