The Nominated Artists 2018

The nominated artists for the category of Music


Curly Strings / EE


Curly Strings

Raw acoustic energy and hauntingly beautiful melodies from Estonia! Curly Strings is a four-piece band that draws its inspiration from American acoustic music and their own personal heritage in the current Estonian cultural scene. Intense and playful ensemble work paired with a sincere presentation of our music forms the main basis of the Curly Strings soundscape. Now you may or may not have heard of Estonia, but we are definitely going to bring a taste of Estonia to you!



Bahur Ghazi / CH, SY


Bahur Ghazi

The musician Bahur Ghazi calls his music briefly and succinctly: Arabian jazz. As representative of a new generation his playing is much more open and the oud hasn’t been a projection screen for bazaar romantic for a long time, it is no longer a cliché of the exotic instruments from the orient.



Cara / DE, GB





Cara ranks internationally among the best known and most successful representatives of new Irish folk, and intertwine modern influences and their own songwriting with the traditional roots of their music. With their own compositions and arrangements, Cara has created its own style.  Radiating charisma on stage together with a humorous performance guarantees an evening of the highest musical enjoyment and best entertainment.


The nominated artists for the category of Performing Arts


Cie Yokai / FR


 Cie yokai


Following her graduation from ESNAM in 2014, Violaine FIMBEL created her company, YôkaÏ. The word Yôkaï is linked with Japanese demons, but it also means supernatural phenomenon, or everything that is not human. This idea of phenomenon and what makes us human beings brought an obvious link to the use of both puppetry and magic inside of the company. The artistic identity of Yôkaï is built on disturbing visual creations, fantastic forms, taken from Violaine's imagination or inspired by visual arts and literature.


Christoph Spörk / AT


Christoph Spörk

At the end of the day. Christof Spörk palavers exorbitantly in Styrian. Bavarian. Spanish. Pounds on his piano. Tortures his Styrian. Bites his clarinet. And explains with breath taking validity why we Europeans will soon have to have a Chinese governor.



Karim Slama / CH


 Karim Slama

With the observations he makes in his own life, Karim Slama presents with the greatest of precision and dynamic gestures alongside his instinctive feeling for the tiniest of details a wide variety of situations, mishaps and irritations which we are all extremely familiar with. With music and images, Karim demonstrates how he deals with all these trivialities that make our lives so difficult in the end, but how he can even joke about them once his initial anger has finally fizzled out.



Oropax Chaos-Theater / DE


Since 1983, brothers Volker and Thomas Martins are 108% of the Oropax Chaos Theatre. One of them is stupid and only the other one knows which one. They are the slowest shooting stars in the comedy world. The current show “Faden & Beigeschmack” ranges from humorously woolly to awfully crocheted! Ingeniously interwoven textiles, corded ladders and luring material emerge from the fabric of conversations. The biggest pair of underpants in the world meets singing temptations and lost threads.



The nominated artists for the category of Street Theatre



La Intrusa / ES


 La Intrusa

La Intrusa is a contemporary dance company directed by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. Since its beginning, their work has been characterized by the ability to generate poetic performances, with a strong visual and emotional impact, always with the intention of empathizing with the public in an intimate tone. The starting point of La Intrusa has always been a work of reflections, of sharing its vital beat transferring it to the scene in metaphors of movement, images, sounds and words.



Compagnie des NAZ / FR


 Compagnie des NAZ

"Dualité à 3" is a short performance combining dance, juggling and electronic music. With its simple, minimalist backdrop, three performers talk about human relationships. Our minds are full of questions, contradictions, divisions, opposition. A dynamic and visual show, which appeals to a wide range of audiences. The artists are able to express their message through the choreography, which focuses on both humans and objects.

Tresperté Circo Teatro / ES


Tresperté Circo Teatro

In 2014, they discovered a new circus technique: the teeterboard. Combined with acrobatics and clownery, it is always a driving force on the stage.
In “Oopart”, the crowd expectantly awaits the mysterious surprise that the mechanical time contraption, which is sitting in front of them, is about to reveal.  To convince them, the artists display their finest decoys and perform amazing circus acts.




The nominated artists for the category of Walk Acts


Stiltlife StreeTTheater / NL, DE

Stiltlife StreeTTheater

Fresh, cheerful, fruity, sweet, juicy and slightly sour, playfully cheeky and temptingly sensuous, brightly coloured, festively fragrant, summery oranges - full of energy and playfulness: that is NARANJA! The orange seller wears her best dress. Today she has some very special oranges on offer: two examples of her special “deluxe orange” variety, which she has worked on for centuries.


RicoArt Entertainment / DE

RicoArt Entertainment
The “Living Trees” is a walk act with breathtakingly magical attraction! Gigantic trees come to life in the midst of the public and draw the audience into their fabulous natural world. As if by magic, young and old alike are transported into a mystical woodland atmosphere. These sophisticated, high quality trees on stilts provide an overwhelming sensation and an intoxicating experience at any event.

Cie La Trappé á Ressorts / FR

Cie La Trappe á Ressorts
They walk through the streets, bringing their good mood to your doorstep. Meet the street entertainers, whose notes cascade down from their giant leaps. This lively, visual road show invites the spectators to join in the fun. The street, the crowd, the surroundings, they all lend themselves to play and improvisation. They are accompanied by a tiny Big Band with trumpet and snare drum, inspired by Cuban music, and the rhythm of Creole parades is mixed with earthy blues and smooth swing.

Centre de Titelles de Lleida / ES

centre de Titelles Lleida
A big elephant walks firm and majestic in the city. He walks with a guide and caregiver and goes around the world encouraging the respect for animals and nature. In its country of origin, India, the elephant is a much-respected animal and for many people he is sacred. An itinerant show that wants to captivate everyone with the physical majesty of this animal. Its elegant walk to the rhythm of the Hindu music, takes you to the jungle where he was born.

Theater Zonder Blabla / NL

Theater Zonder Blabla Five robots walk around and carefully examine all the people they encounter. Their goal is as simple as it is complicated: they want to understand the human race. Suddenly, they are walking behind you, they appear next to you and they look at you – just as you look at them. Space-ci-men: where do they come from? Where are they going? Nobody knows.

Fanfare les Traines-Savates / FR

Fanfare Les Traine-Savates
These 9 elegant musicians dress up in funky suits and play fifty shows in France and Europe every year. As a marching band, they enjoy playing in the streets and squares, revelling in the interaction with the spectators - all kinds of people who simply like listening to music. Be they young or old, all are captivated by this instrumental repertoire of 70s black soul. Their music is a groovy hymn, a hymn to get the hips swaying. With only one golden rule: wake up, sing in English - be funky. Wake up, clap your hands and move your body.

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