The Nominated Artists 2016

The nominated artists for the categorie of Music

Holler my dear
/ Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Russia
Tue., 26.01.2016, 4.00-4.20 pm,  Music Hall

Musik_Holler my dear
With their new album, the Berliner are throwing a party and an invite to dance. “Eat, drink and be merry” – the sound of this versatile band floats out of the folk kitchen. The sounds they dish up are deliciously familiar, bittersweet and heftily hot. Holler My Dear offer acoustic pop as a warming antidepressant and generously serve out swing and funk as a spicy tincture in fine crystal glasses.

holstuonarmusigbigbandclub / Austria
Tue., 26.01.2016, 4.30-4.50 pm,  Music Hall

Musik_Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub                                                                  An hmbc concert is a stroll through the musical world: from the Mississippi Delta to the Austrian Alps where no piece of music is spared from being put through the mill by these gents. The musicians are masters of their instruments. The compositions have lyrics in English, German, Italian or even several Austrian dialects.

Goitse / Ireland
Tue., 26.01.2016, 5.00-5.20 pm,  Music Hall

Goitse, with their synthesis of traditional and world music, are one of the most exciting young bands to come out of Ireland and have reached the pinnacle of the international Irish folk scene. Not surprisingly: the majority of these musicians have repeatedly been All Ireland Champions on various instrument. The fiddle player and vocalist Áine Mc Geeney with her sweet as honey voice takes centre stage.

Auditive Connection
/ France
Tue., 26.01.2016, 5.30-5.50 pm, Music Hall

Musik_Auditive Connection

Auditive Connection’s music combines a groovy rock energy and subtle sound layers with written forms and spontaneous explorations. The quartet’s musical directions are multiple, following the rich and varied influences between the old avant-garde scene and today’s creative music, as well as the poetry of S. Beckett, P. Eluard and J. Kerouac.

The nominated artists for the categorie of Performing arts

Gisbert Fleumes alias Rupert Schieche
/ Germany
Tue, 26.01.2016, 6.30-8.05 pm, T1

DK_Rupert Schieche


Gisbert Fleumes alias Rupert Schieche is in his 15th year of training as a service specialist in Cologne, with his Munich (im)migration background; charming, eloquent and always at your service. With his entertainment show all figured out, Gisbert Fleumes leads his audience into a world full of stories, poems and songs – funny, wily and bestially satirical.

Jaqueline Feldmann
/ Germany
Tue., 26.01.2016, 6.55-7.15 pm, T1

DK_Jacqueline Feldmann

Jacqueline Feldmann is Germany’s youngest comedian to be on tour with a full-length solo show. Her self-confident, laid-back and charmingly impudent manner on stage is amazingly authentic. Jacqueline performs a perfect balancing act between two generations and gives you a fascinating insight into the life of a young woman.

Carl-Einar Häckner
/ Sweden
Tue., 26.01.2016, 7.20-7.40 pm, T1

DK_Carl-Einar Häckner
Carl-Einar Häckner, the Swedish mega-star and comedy magician with a top hat full of magical chaos, "silly songs" and quick-fire humour is making his return to the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg. In his latest show, he attempts to unravel the ups and downs in life, accompanied by his "tatty" box of tricks and his escape artist assistant, a dog called Houndini.

Duo MeierMoser & der Huber
/ Switzerland
Tue., 26.01.2016, 7.45-8.05 pm, T1

DK_Duo MeierMoser & der Huber
A 100 years after the death of Christian Morgenstern, the Duo MeierMoser & der Huber undertake a lengthy dive into the grotesque world of gallow songs. Inspired by enormously funny and profound potential of Morgensternschen poems, the three of them pull out all the sops and combine their strengths for a theatrical evening of song retracing the footsteps of the gallows brothers.

The nominated artists for the categorie of Street Theatre

Las Polis
Tue., 26.01.2016, 1.30-1.50 pm, CF
/ France, Spain
ST_Las Polis


Susana and Vanesa: police officers. Their mission: to protect the people and maintain the order. Their motto: everything is under control. The only question: who is controlling them? As they are in charge of maintaining the order and safety, they display all their might with the intention to show everyone that everything is under control… or almost everything… or nothing.


Teatro Pachuco
Tue., 26.01.2016, 2.00-2.20 pm, CF
/ USA, Italy
ST_Teatro Pachuco


Nothing is ever what it seems in this encounter between a clown and a ballerina; two unlikely misfits who find love and acceptance as they open a suitcase full of dreams.

Coup de foudre is a love story between two men, about old suitcases, fake mustaches and rubber chickens. Coup de foudre revolves around misunderstanding and tenderness, solitude and the search for complicity.


Oddlings - theatrical acrobatics
/ Netherlands
Tue., 26.01.2016, 2.30-2.50 pm, CF


Oddlings is a cooperation between John Kessels and Angela Dirven. Together they have successfully created and produced several theatrical acrobatic acts. These delightful performances always have a story to tell.

“Mannekino” is the comical and surprising tale of a window-dresser and a mannequin in which a fascinating variety of acrobatic tricks are interwoven into the tapestry of the story.

Les Clandestines
/ France
Tue., 26.01.2016, 3.00-3.20 pm, CF
ST_Les clandestine

Les Clandestines sing love songs, work songs, songs of exile and resistance in Italian or in various dialects, coming from different regions of Italy. They evoke the memory of those who have sought, through these songs, to express their longing for freedom and better life conditions and remind each of us of the need to fully live and act out one´s life.

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