Denis Klopov

Denis Klopov


"Glass Harp" musical act

This artist has a rare ability to transform ordinary objects into magic musical instruments. The touch of his fingers turns a normal wine glass into a celestial crystal organ, and a simple saw sings like an opera diva... There’s something that deeply touches the soul in the sound of the glass harp, hypnotising the audience and carrying them away into the bright world of memories. This music surprises us, fascinates us and reminds us that creativity and inspiration can be drawn from anything, and that there are no insignificant things in the world! After this show it is hard to stop trying to play, humming, stomping and getting a sound out of everything. The artist's motto is: music everywhere, music in everything, music lives even in the most unusual and unexpected places. All you need to hear it is daring and imagination!
Photo: © Fedor Markushevich

Musical Theatre, Object Theatre

Stage language/s:
Russian, Nonverbal

Represented by:
teatro Colombino GmbH

23. January 2019

19:30 - 22:00

Theatre 2


32. IKF 2020

Opening Gala:
26 January 2020

Trade fair:
27– 29 January 2020


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