The start of the IKF

Fast-paced, entertaining and with a top-class cast - this is how the Opening Gala on Sunday kicks off the three days of the IKF trade fair.


Opening Gala of the 35th IKF 2023 | Sunday, 22 JAN '23 | 8 pm, Theater Hall 2

Anne Folger / DE

Music cabaret


Footnotes are not reflex zones

The piano cabaret artist Anne Folger transforms classics of U-music into those of E-music. Heavy things become so light-footed when she sings....

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represented by:
Agentur Fülle | Stand 2.6.40 

Duo Mimikry / DE, FR

Visual comedy


Tasty Biscuits

Duo Mimikry is the German-French friendship on the cabaret stage. Their visual comedy is innovative and full of wit and surprises.

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represented by:
Duo Mimikry | Stand 2.4.12

Maria Mazzotta / IT


Maria Mazzotta is one of the best-loved voices in European World Music. Her new album focuses on love from a female perspective in all its facets.

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represented by: Zero Nove Nove | Stand 1.2.15

Philipp Scharrenberg / DE

Reality for career changers

Philipp Scharrenberg shows how refreshing it is to face the naked facts in his reality check of the cheerfully biting kind.

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represented by: AGENTUR ZIRKEL - Brigitte Biermann | Stand 2.7.17

Rebekka Lindauer / CH


"Héroïne" is the name of the first stage solo by slam poet, cabaret artist and musician Rebekka Lindauer. From a satirical point of view, the Zurich native illuminates her aversions and clarifies grievances. Cheeky and refreshingly politically incorrect.

"Héroïne" is neither a history lecture about Zurich's Platzspitz nor a sales seminar for intoxicants (although that would probably have a positive effect on ticket sales). Rather, Rebekka Lindauer wonders whether the existence of pleasure seekers is still justified at all. Do functional textiles really protect us from the big problems of our time? What do off-roaders and bicycle trailers have in common? Is renunciation already a heroic deed? And what does "viandine" actually mean? The fact is: After the era of Greek antiquity, it would certainly have been a good time for a second big bang, if we Helvetians hadn't optimised everything into the ground. Already hooked? The Tages-Anzeiger says: "The Zurich cabaret artist is the heroine of our time". Do you want to believe the opinion of the press or maybe you'd rather form your own opinion? You will hear things you have never heard before. This sentence alone should actually be enough to visit "Héroïne" right away as a family outing - but please leave your children at home.

Represented by:
Kulturist GmbH | Stand 2.8.23

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Anders / DE

Anders - Not for the faint hearted

The Freiburg vocal band Anders can be seen musically in the same context. They are Germany's a cappella German poets. Their style: catchy melodies and intelligent lyrics. Anders write smart pop songs in German that take the a cappella form of performance seriously and are more than instrumental cover songs of current chart hits or nostalgic songs about the flora on the balcony. With this, they inspire their audience not only at their own concerts, but also in the opening acts of bands like Revolverheld or Thees Uhlmann.

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Skotty / DE


The trained beer brewer and chemical laboratory technician Christoph Kott, better known by his stage name "Skotty", only came to music by chance at the age of 24. The music & cabaret show "Der Eismann kommt" (The Ice Man Comes) is a string of personally experienced stories, coupled with a lot of imagination and quite a lot of self-irony; which makes his stories exceptionally endearing and - really - funny.

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Represented by: Skotty | Booth F5.1


Mikail Karahan / DE


Mikail Karahan, a native of Hamburg, discovered his passion for the stage at an early age. At the age of 6, he gained his first performance experience in a duck costume for Wilhelm Busch's "Max and Moritz". 
When in his youth the circus became his most important hobby, it was clear for Mikail; dancing with the "Cyr hoop" should not remain just a passion. 
In 2018, he graduates in this discipline at the "École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque" in Brussels. 
For his Cyr hoop act "iTSOCKS!", Mikail is awarded the "Annie Fratellini" prize at the 40th "Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain" in Paris and receives the main prize "Golden Star" at the circus festival "Youngstage" in Basel in 2021. 
Besides his work as a solo artist, he is co-founder and artist of the Compagnie Wurst.

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Represented by: Compagnie Wurst | Stand 2.1.32

Karl-Heinz Helmschrot / DE


Successful transitions often make the success of an event. Helmschrot devotes himself with great dedication to precisely these CUTTINGS. He loves the intensive examination of content and people in order to give them an optimal launch pad for their appearance through his moderation. For many years he has been concerned with the question, "How do I lay out the ideal carpet for the next contribution, both thematically and emotionally?"
Early on, Helmschrot had the idea of acquiring a wide variety of skills in order to draw his stories on stage as colourfully as possible. Polished words should be accompanied by sensual impressions to have a lasting effect.
He loves cabaret because it can leave a big impression on the audience with minimal means. His joy in playing, his love of improvisation, his artistic and musical craft and his lively acting without a fourth wall make his performances and thus every event unique.
"Karl-Heinz Helmschrot is brilliant as a presenter. He becomes the star of the event by playing with and at the same time for the audience. He uses the singing saw, the double bass, juggles with ball, hat and stretched umbrella, explains the different laughing types of mankind only with facial expressions and explains how actors learn to articulate correctly with ping-pong balls in their mouths. The Neuss Shakespeare Festival has never experienced such an opening. But it fits and at the same time points beyond" (WZ).

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Represented by Rudi Renner Agentur | Booth 2.6.10

Urs Jäckle / DE

Direction of the Opening - Gala

As Artistic Director of the Krystallpalast Varieté in Leipzig and initiator of the annual "Newcomershow", Urs Jäckle has discovered a number of Variety acts for the German Variety market. After catching fire in a Freiburg youth circus, he studied cultural studies and theater directing in Leipzig and Paris, established a wide network in the cultural scene through countless travels, and today his multilingualism continues to bring new artists to Germany.

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