Fast-paced and with a top class-cast, the opening ceremony of 34th Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg will take place 23 January 2022. With pianist-cabarettist Anne Folger (DE), whose accolades include a promotional prize as part of the 2021 Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg, Duo Mimikry (DE & FR), the two grand masters of visual comedy, slam poet and cabarettist Philipp Scharrenberg (DE), Maria Mazzotta (IT), one of the most cherished voices in the European World Music scene, Kerol (ES), who combines clowning with beatbox and juggling in most entertaining ways, cabarettist, slam poet and musician Rebekka Lindauer (CH) and Mikail Karahan (DE), who was recently awarded the Golden Star, the main prize at the 12th YOUNG STAGE International Circus Festival, for his comedy cyr wheel performance, the Opening Gala promises to be a very special experience. The show’s directors are Urs Jäckle (DE) and Karl-Heinz Helmschroth (DE). The latter will also be hosting the show for the evening.

Anne Folger / DE

Music cabaret


Footnotes are not reflex zones

The piano cabaret artist Anne Folger transforms classics of U-music into those of E-music. Heavy things become so light-footed when she sings....

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represented by:
Agentur Fülle | Stand 2.10.22 

Tasty Biscuits

Duo Mimikry is the German-French friendship on the cabaret stage. Their visual comedy is innovative and full of wit and surprises.

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represented by:
Duo Mimikry | Stand 2.6.12

Duo Mimikry / DE, FR

Visual comedy


Maria Mazzotta / IT



Maria Mazzotta is one of the best-loved voices in European World Music. Her new album focuses on love from a female perspective in all its facets.

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represented by: Zero Nove Nove | Stand 1.2.15

Reality for career changers

Philipp Scharrenberg shows how refreshing it is to face the naked facts in his reality check of the cheerfully biting kind.

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represented by: AGENTUR ZIRKEL - Brigitte Biermann | Stand 2.8.19

Philipp Scharrenberg / DE

Rebekka Lindauer / CH


"Héroïne", the first evening program by Zurich cabaret artist, musician and slam poet Rebekka Lindauer, flies from antiquity to the present in search of real heroines at the speed of a rocket. As a high-flyer, Rebekka Lindauer has already conquered TV shows, radio shows and poetry slams with her wordplay and charisma. Now she gives in her first solo show sometimes rough spoken, sometimes tenderly sung, an ode to good style and examines what is left of the golden fleece today. "Héroïne" is full of elegance, linguistic precision and biting satire, and makes the audience howl with laughter.

By and with: Rebekka Lindauer

Dramaturgy: Piet Baumgartner

Welcome to my Head

After numerous shamanic practices and 4 years at the University of Circus Arts in Toulouse, Kerol specializes in eccentric juggling, beatbox, ninjitsu and figure skating. He has been performing for more than 10 years in theaters, televisions and festivals all over the world. Kerol has created 4 shows of his own and has worked with Crazy Horse Paris, Cirque du Soleil and Palazzo Berlin among many others. With his solo "Welcome to my Head" he was awarded the silver medal at the 32nd Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain in Paris and the Gold Medal at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka (Japan) among other awards.

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Kerol / ES

Mikail Karahan / DE


Mikail Karahan, a native of Hamburg, discovered his passion for the stage at an early age. At the age of 6, he gained his first performance experience in a duck costume for Wilhelm Busch's "Max and Moritz". 
When in his youth the circus became his most important hobby, it was clear for Mikail; dancing with the "Cyr hoop" should not remain just a passion. 
In 2018, he graduates in this discipline at the "École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque" in Brussels. 
For his Cyr hoop act "iTSOCKS!", Mikail is awarded the "Annie Fratellini" prize at the 40th "Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain" in Paris and receives the main prize "Golden Star" at the circus festival "Youngstage" in Basel in 2021. 
Besides his work as a solo artist, he is co-founder and artist of the Compagnie Wurst.

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Karl-Heinz Helmschrot’s artistic work is extremely versatile and is based on his comprehensive professional training (Academy of Art Zurich, School of Acrobatics Barcelona, Drama School Göttingen). He works in street theatre, is involved with the ”Junges-Theater” Göttingen, is a presenter and director of various variety theatres, performs at renowned cabaret theatres in the German-speaking world – where he has received countless awards.

Karl-Heinz Helmschrot / DE


Urs Jäckle / DE

Direction of the Opening - Gala




As Artistic Director of the Krystallpalast Varieté in Leipzig and initiator of the annual "Newcomershow", Urs Jäckle has discovered a number of Variety acts for the German Variety market. After catching fire in a Freiburg youth circus, he studied cultural studies and theater directing in Leipzig and Paris, established a wide network in the cultural scene through countless travels, and today his multilingualism continues to bring new artists to Germany.


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