Some 190 live acts on five stages is an impressive total. Each individual performance is important and may even be the all-decisive moment in the future career of an artist. It is therefore of great importance that every performance is supported and introduced in a highly professional manner – a task carrying responsibility and involves far more than the gift of Moderatoren / Presenters Peter Spielbauer the gab or being able to read the name of the artist from a piece of paper! At the 32nd IKF 2020 – as in previous years – this role will be taken on by 15 colleagues of the performing artists. Each of them has the very best prerequisites for the role of presenter at the anniversary IKF and has previous experience in this field.

Martin Quilitz

Street Theatre | Monday
Music Hall | Tuesday
Stand 2.4.40

Martin Quilitz is a presenter, cabaret artist and director and has more than 3,000 stage appearances under his belt as well as 100 TV shows. He devises shows whose content relates to the cultural sphere, goes on tour with variety shows, and is a regular presenter in comedy clubs and political talk shows and at congresses and events. As well as various GOP shows, his activities also include hosting the annual newcomer show in the Leipzig Krystallpalast and giving workshops, to name but a few. For the Concerto Varieté series he brings top classical musicians together with artistes.
’Kaff & Kosmos’ is the name of a series of shows in which he brings the cultural life of interesting small towns on to the stage. What unites all his projects is his love of improvisation and cabaretistic exaggeration combined with intense journalistic preparation.

Jasmine Tutum

Music Hall | Monday
Jasmine Tutum is a Jamaican singer, performance artist and dub poet. Born in Tokyo, she studied French Literature, Photography and Art History in Canada. She has made many appearances on international stages as a dub poet. As a freelance journalist, Jasmine wrote for the Reggae and dancehall magazine Riddim from 2003 to 2011. She has headed many art, theatre and radio projects,
often with an intercultural context. In 2011 she was a member of the jury for the competition concert ’Creole’ in the E-Werk in Freiburg. Many activities in the free art and culture scene in Freiburg, including with Radio Dreyeckland (Dub Kali Roots), as a member of Theater Zerberus, and in days of action against racism and violence against women. Jasmine Tutum has been living and working in Freiburg since 2007.

Johannes Rühl

Music Hall | Wednesday
Johannes Rühl studied ethnology and sociology in Freiburg, Germany. A wide range of sociocultural activities in the independent cultural scene in Freiburg, Basel (Kulturbüro), Husum (Speicher) and Heidelberg (Karlstor). From 1998 Head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the city of Rottweil and from 2000 to 2008 Deputy Director of the Cultural Affairs Department of the city of Freiburg. Since 2008 Director of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, Switzerland. Teaching activities at colleges and universities. Curator of numerous festivals and music programmes in Freiburg, Lima, Ho Chi Minh City and Lausanne. Since 2010 research at the University of Lucerne on processes of change in folk music. From 2009-2019 artistic director of the international music festival Alpentöne in Altdorf, Switzerland. Johannes Rühl lives in Ticino.

Uli Böttcher

Theatre 2 | Monday
Street Theatre | Tuesday

Fair Stand 2.10.19
After thirty years performing solo on cabaret stages from Aalen to Zwiefalten, Uli Boettcher has finally won the spurs needed for him to host shows at the Internationale Kulturbörse.He knows the scene from both sides. And that also means that he knows what promoters are really interested in. How easy is the artist to handle? How big is his entourage? How intensive is the required private servicing?How high is the after-show alcohol consumption? Boettcher mercilessly lifts the lid on all of this, warts and all, so that promoters are left in no doubt, don’t have to buy a pig in a poke, and no deceptive packaging slips through inspection. No more cuddliness, its Börse time!

Birgit Süss

Theatersaal 3 | Tuesday
Straßentheater | Wednesday

Birgit Süss is at home on the stage. As a host she gives her all with a whole lot of heart and humour, whether it’s at the dentists’ association’s annual meeting, a children’s film festival or the Schweizer Künstlerbörse in Thun, Switzerland. In her solo cabaret shows she likes to rummage through life’s crazinesses with a torrent of words and verve, sometimes morbid, sometimes wild, but always entertaining and natural. And naturally she sings too! Not only that, but Birgit Süss produces summer theatre and winter end-of-year reviews with fellow artists as well, so there’s always something going on with her! Her new solo show ’Das Graue vom Himmel’ has its première in Würzburg in May. "With a lot of self-irony and coquetry with her own transience and inadequacies, Birgit Süss has a broad range with a great amount of depth to offer.” (Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung)

Archie Clapp

Theatre 1 | Monday
Theatre 2 | Tuesday
Fair Stand 2.6.24

Archie Clapp gets his dry humour from his British homeland and his love of the stage from his artiste parents. In his stand-up routines he takes his audience with him on safari into the eventful life of a Neukölln comedian and dad. The solo comedy show he’s currently creasing up the cabaret scene with is called ’Scheiße Schatz, die Kinder kommen nach Dir!’. The book of the same name will be out from Lappan Verlag in early 2020. His quick repartee and cheeky lip also make him a popular host for variety and comedy shows. “Very funny” (Leipziger Volkszeitung) “Not a dry eye in the house” (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung) “Archie Clapp really knows his stuff” (Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung)

Carmela de Feo

Theatre 1 | Tuesday
Fair Stand 2.10.12

The Kulturbörse is hardly imaginable any more without Carmela De Feo alias La Signora as a host. At irregular intervals since 2011 she has been propelling all comers yet to make a name on to the boards that signify the world in Theatre 1. She does so in her inimitably unyielding way, knowing as she does that what’s sitting down there is the toughest audience in the world, and that takes a bit of management. La Signora is ready. For everything. The trembling next generation should, must, wants to be heard and that’s exactly why one red carpet after another is rolled out professionally, playfully and informatively for her guests. The ringleader in black from the Ruhr District has been a successful cabaret artist in the German-speaking countries since 2007 and is at home in the Grubenblumen agency.

Felix Römer

Theatre 3 | Montag
Theatre 1 | Wednesday
Fair Stand 2.9.12

Felix Römer is the make you feel good presenter. He adores the stage and all who stand on it and takes a direct and honest approach to the task at hand. When needs be, he ups the pace and livens up the crowd, but usually he prefers keeping a low profile and leaving centre stage to the artists. He comes from the world of theatre and poetry slam and hosts several big slams. He writes his own poems and was the German-speaking runner-up in the Poetry Slam singles as well as German-speaking champion with his team, Smaat. Henning May, of the celebrated band AnnenMay-Kantereit commented: “The shitty thing about Felix' texts is that I didn’t write them”, and the newspaper "die Welt" even claimed: “It is no exaggeration to say: anyone who has heard Römer’s voice will never forget it again.” Which is very true.

Jens Heinrich Claassen

Theatre 3 | Wednesday
Jens Heinrich Claassen’s career began in 1996 when at 19 he hosted his school graduation ball. After which his first (and only) girlfriend split up with him. After that, luckily, things took off. Professionally anyway. This likeable native of Münster is now a regular host of the Night-Wash TV show, presents exciting newcomers to the comedy scene in his show ’Frischfleischcomedy’ in Düsseldorf and tours around Germany with his solo show ’Ich komm schon klar’. Sometimes he travels around the world as well when he’s working as a guest artist on cruise ships. The 43-year-old perennial single tells stories, sings, plays piano and sometimes, just sometimes, dances too. Now another dream is coming true as he makes his debut as a presenter at the IKF. And maybe he’ll even find a woman yet. Why not talk to him...

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