Artist/GroupProductionPlaceExhibition hall
Pikzpalace/BE„Jos & Maria“Central foyer ZF5 
Ola Szostak & Willemijn Schellekens/NL„Gedankentisch“ – Eine sinnliche InstallationCentral foyer ZF22.3.12
Peus de porc/ES„Mechanisches Puppentheater“Foyer F3 
De Glazendraaier/NL„Singende Gläser“Foyer F72.3.12
Lothar Lempp/DE„Der Kaleidoskopwagen“Zentralfoyer ZF32.7.28
foolpool/DE,AT„Schöner Warten – Die Telefonzelle“Zentralfoyer ZF42.1.23
Theater Pikante/DE„WC-Perlen“WC2.4.10
Théâtre de la Toupine/FR„Zanimal – Die ausgebüxten Karussell-Tiere“Zentralfoyer ZF72.7.28
flunker produktionen/DE„Das Lobbüro“Zentralfoyer ZF62.7.29B
Deutsches Kabarettarchiv/DEAusstellungFoyer F4.1 
Patrick Folkerts/DE„Patricks Minibar“Foyer F2 



Pikzpalace /BE – „Jos & Maria"

Central foyer ZF5
A newborn leaves no one cold. Especially as the baby shines with holiness from his first breath. Let a beautiful angel show you the path and let yourself be photographed for eternity. Jos & Maria receive the audience in their nativity scene during this performance and the guests can once again lie in the manger. The angel Gabriel, master of ceremonies for the occasion, takes a picture of this holy spectacle. This way, the invitees immediately have the ideal Christmas card with them! Maria her best friend Magda Leenaerts is happy to let you enjoy her very remarkable Christmas gifts ...

(Continuous performances of two minutes each)


Ola Szostak & Willemijn Schellekens /NL – „Gedankentisch“

Central Foyer ZF2 | Fair Stand 2.3.12
Confusion of voices, snippets of conversation, rattling of cutlery, laughter, wine being poured, a glass tipping over. What’s happening here? A party, a family dinner, a conference, a wedding or a funeral...? A long and most unusual table decked with idiosyncratic stories and sceneries. The longer you look, the more you discover. Everything turns on non-verbal (mis-) communication. Take your seat and enter into the mind of one of the twelve guests. Do the guests know each other? And who are you? What do we think but would never say out loud? How and what is the other person thinking and how do they see the world? In front of each plate hangs a pair of headphones for the visitor. If you put them on you get to hear two or three minutes of the thoughts that are never said out loud. It’s as though there are twelve different performances.


Peus de porc /ES – „Mechanisches Puppentheater“

Foyer F3 
The bar machines have come out on the street and have met the puppets! Mechanical puppet theatre offers you the opportunity to manipulate puppets while trying to win the game to your opponent. Different routines will test your skills. Mechanical puppet theatre consists of six glove puppet theatre that can be manipulated by the public through levers and buttons as in the old bar machines. Mechanical puppet theatre works in games. A pair of players can use levers to knock each other down and the public can enjoy the game as if they were watching a puppet show. The aesthetics of the theatres are in the style of the English Punch & Judy theatres.


De Glazendraaier /NL – „Singende Gläser“

Foyer F7 | Fair Stand 2.3.12
Immensely popular in the 18th and 19th Centuries, glass harmonicas almost completely vanished from the world – why was that? The story goes that the thin, ethereal sound of the Singing Glasses could bring about a state of trance or hypnosis. Some people, so it is said, even went mad ... The Glasdreher (Glass Spinner) Rogier Kappes has immersed himself in the history, dug up stories, discovered old plans and collected hundreds of glasses. He has built the only glass harmonica in the Netherlands from 52 brandy, wine, beer, champagne and port glasses. Learning to play it took an eternity, but now there’s nothing else he wants to do. He rambles around the country on his harmonica carrier bike, sets up on street corners, public squares and at festivals and enraptures his audiences with old and new songs – from Bach to Brel – on the Singing Glasses.


Lothar Lempp /DE – „Der Kaleidoskopwagen“

Central Foyer ZF3 | Fair Stand 2.7.28

The kaleidoscope was patented in 1817. To mark the bicentenary, this project was created in Victorian style with a few steam punk elements. The exhibition can also go into action in the open air. It is accompanied by Lothar Lempp – also in Victorian style. The kaleidoscope truck lets you turn and wind giant kaleidoscopes and to conjure and discover colourful new worlds. Glass objects in the kaleidoscopes give us whole new view of the world outside. There’s live drawing on one of the kaleidoscopes. And new variants can be seen too, including the 3D kaleidoscope and – in its world premièr – the whirlpool kaleidoscope. This event fits in with a whole lot of occasions and is fascinating for children and adults alike. With lighting it can also provide a thrill in the dark.


foolpool /DE,AT – „Schöner Warten – Die Telefonzelle“

Central Foyer ZF4 | Fair Stand 2.1.23
An old British telephone box stands on open ground. The phone rings. Curious, the audience members push into the queue. Who’s calling? And what’s the message? In an installative performance, a telephone number is communicated to the waiting audience. When they call the W-ART hotline, visitors find themselves in an interactive telephone audio play about waiting, and philosophise about waiting while they are waiting. The hotline menu offers many options – take time out and do some self-maintenance while-you-wait; tips on how to use your time efficiently; practise the art of patience; hanging out; wasting time. The W-ART advisers are also on hand to assist guests with standing in a queue and twiddling their thumbs. All ends well for she who can wait! W-ART is a co-production by foolpool and “The Service Pioneers”.


Theater Pikante /DE – „WC-Perlen“

WC | Fair Stand 2.4.10
Smiles without frontiers, even in the little room! That’s the motto of the cleaning ladies of the special kind. Apart from excellent service and reading material that leaves nothing else to wish for, it is the customers who are the boss here with their requirements. And you wouldn’t believe who Ramona and Bianca have already welcomed through their door …


Théâtre de la Toupine /F – „Zanimal – Die ausgebüxten Karussell-Tiere“

Central Foyer ZF7 | Stand 2.7.28
If the animals on the merry-goround were to run away and form a street theatre group … This production makes a totally imaginary idea real – a merry-goround animal, a child and an adult go off on the road together and become the main characters in this animal street theatre. Imagine this: 10 brightly-painted merry-go-round animals let rip with anything that takes their fancy and each one has a small passenger on board. Over squares, through alleys, streets, parks ... the merry-go-round animals are imitations of brightly-painted tin toys from the 1960s – frog, duck, swan, pig, dragon, ladybird, bear, fox, elephant and fish take the small passengers aged two and upwards on board, where they can move paws, wings or beaks and make their animals make sounds. And another merry-go-round from Toupine and – how could it be otherwise – with parent drive! What a dream journey!


flunker produktionen /DE – „Das Lobbüro“

Central Foyer ZF6 | Fair Stand 2.7.29B
This is what the world’s been waiting for – a manageably small government office that appropriately brings to light the best features of everyone who calls in. Because in the Office of Praise you get what you’ve maybe had to wait a very long time for, and what you’ve so clearly deserved! Praise. See for yourself, take a number and stride towards your very own personal sweet-talking adulation – constantly surprised by bizarre characters who ask opaque questions, tell confused stories or ask you to do a few little things... Our experts in applied recognition will not rest until they have sent you on your way with your tummy rubbed and your back patted, fortified and well entertained. The Office of Praise offers an interactive game for three to five viewers with a tour lasting 30 to 40 minutes. We recommend that children should be accompanied by adults.


Deutsches Kabarettarchiv /DE – Exhibition

Foyer F4.1
The German Cabaret Archive preserves the cultural legacy of the cabaret and documents its history up to the present day. It is a research centre, a museum, an events venue and a place for visitors, artists, people thirsting for knowledge or the simply curious to meet up. For 2021 the Cabaret Archive is preparing a new exhibition – “Women in Cabaret: From Marya Delvard to the Present Day” – shedding light on the story of female cabaret artists and comediennes from various perspectives, starting with Marya Delvard (1874-1965), one of the key figures in early cabaret and co-founder of the Elf Scharfrichter (Eleven Executioners) in Munich in 1901, to Lore Lorenz (1920-1994), who made her stage debut in the first post-war German cabaret with her show ’Positively Opposed’ in 1947, right through to the present and Carolin Kebekus (born 1980) who has won many prizes and is a constant presence on stage and TV screen.

Talk to us!
The new exhibition shows the stage careers of female cabaret artists not just in their historical context but also reveals the difficulties and prejudices they encounter in their career paths, such as: “Women aren’t as funny as men!” “Behind every successful woman on stage there’s a man writing her scripts, directing her and managing her.” “Promoters say, “No more than one woman per show!”” “You’ll need to have the token woman for the cabaret quota!”

Dear female cabaret artists and comediennes, we’ve put together a written questionnaire and really hope you’ll get involved! Dear male cabaret artists and comedians, you’re welcome too! We always look forward to good conversations and new contacts! What to see in Freiburg: the poster exhibition ’Female Cabaret Artists from 1900 to the Present’. More than 20,000 posters and graphics relating to people, ensembles, events and festivals from every decade of the 20th and 21st Centuries are preserved in the poster cases in the German Cabaret Archive. To get in the mood for the coming exhibition ’Women in Cabaret: From Marya Delvard to the Present Day’ which will be shown in Mainz in 2021 to mark the 60th anniversary of the German Cabaret Archive, in 2022 at the Freiburger Kulturbörse and then nationwide, we have taken a representative poster for each female cabaret artist announcing her and her show.


Patrick Folkerts /DE – „Patricks Minibar“

Foyer F2
Hidden inside an old fridge is a miniature bar, manned by a charming barkeeper who mixes exquisite drinks. Patrick’s Mini-Bar appears quite unexpectedly. Without being at all pushy, the small fridge is a huge attraction. This performance owes its strong effect not least to the highly-detailed placing of a miniature bar in an old fridge. But the exclusive repertoire of exotic cocktails is naturally an important part of the total work of art as well. Not least it is the charm and playfulness of Patrick Folkerts, performance artist and magician from Hamburg, that makes visiting the smallest bar in the world such an incredible experience. Fantastic cocktail creation in miniature scale lovingly prepared and served with a charming smile. Cheers!

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