Under the label „Special“, special thematic focuses, events shown in full length or programme offers specially designed for the IKF are presented.

The Federal Association of Theatre in Public Space


Current projects are sought for this purpose. New productions and innovative concepts in the Performing Arts in the public space will have the opportunity to present themselves in eight selected short presentations at five minute intervals

represented by: 
Bundesverband Theater im öffentlichen Raum | Stand 2.0.9



Imre Bernath

Social Salto

Every situation is a new beginning. Each engagement creates an improvised moment of laughter and friendly fun. Allow Imre to take you on a playful journey of love punctuated by impressive acrobatics, stunts and hilarious interactive comedy. Audiences scream in laughter as volunteers become the heroes of the show. 
Imre started his career as Olympic gymnast at the age of 8 and was selected in the junior national league at the age of 12. Later he became a national champion in Hungary. 
At age 19 the Cirque du Soleil gave him the opportunity to take part in the artistic development program at their Montreal headquarters, before he joined the production "The Midnight Sun". 
In addition to his work as aerialist, Imre trained Clown, full and bouffon, under the master Philippe Gaulier in Paris.

represented by:
Entr’act | Stand 2.0.7

Kabaret Kalashnikov

„Taverna Stories“

Top-class artistry, live music and pretty bizarre humour combine to make a turbulent show that smashes every genre boundary.
Exceptional acrobatics collide with freak show, “Berliner Schnauze” does French kissing with British humour, contortion and improvisations go into all sorts of convolutions. The audience is captivated by thrilling artistry and explosive Balkan beats. An anarchic show, a fantastic mix direct from the Berlin Underground!
Developed from the audience favourite at the 2019 Dresden Schaubude Summer, “Taverna Stories” has been created for the 10th anniversary of Kabaret Kalashnikov in 2021. This show is conceived for both indoor and outdoor venues and with little in the way of technical requirements combines the very best of Varieté and street theatre.

represented by: 
Kabaret Kalashnikov– Parkin, Pohse GbR | Stand 2.0.11


Welcome to my Head

After numerous shamanic practices and 4 years at the University of Circus Arts in Toulouse, Kerol specializes in eccentric juggling, beatbox, ninjitsu and figure skating. He has been performing for more than 10 years in theaters, televisions and festivals all over the world. Kerol has created 4 shows of his own and has worked with Crazy Horse Paris, Cirque du Soleil and Palazzo Berlin among many others. With his solo "Welcome to my Head" he was awarded the silver medal at the 32nd Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain in Paris and the Gold Medal at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka (Japan) among other awards.

Stand 2.0.7A


How much longer can you actually do this?

These four Berlin artistes thrill their audience with their lovingly entrancing homage to the advancing age of acclaimed stage actors and their witty way of talking about its quirks and vagaries. And a charming question comes up again and again at regular intervals – “How long can you actually keep it up?”
The reaction of the shocked artistes has usually been a mumbled “Don’t exactly know – wait’n’see?”, followed by a helpless shrug of the shoulders and a complete breakdown on the inside. Having more or less managed to avoid this topic over several decades, Kathrin Mlynek, Sabine Rieck, Stefanie Bonse and Michael Korthaus are now finally grabbing the bull by the horns. Ü53 is an artistic spectacle as a response to an urgent question, and at the same time a thoroughly funny affair with depth, delivered with a sly wink.

represented by: 
Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. | Stand 2.0.2

Marie Schaarschmidt



Duo Kraoul

Leonie & Ole




Jannis Arséne



Luke Dimon

Lenya Lev



Tim Höfel

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