Variety Evening

Theatre 2 | Wednesday 19:30 Uhr
The 32nd IKF will be ending with an evening of brilliant variety. You can look forward to being entertained by eight international solo artists and groups. They are: Chu (Diabolo, Taiwan), the Duo Cardio (perch lancing, France), Helena Jans (aerial straps, Belgium), Johann Prinz (aerial straps, Germany), Lotta & Stina (rola-bola, Finland), Tori Boggs & the Boys (jump rope, USA), Mica Paprika (comedy
juggler, Portugal) and Martin Sierp (Germany), who will be hosting the evening. After the show, there will be a meet & greet with the artists.
Director: Urs Jäckle

Martin Sierp / DE – Presenter

Fair Stand 2.8.16

Martin Sierp is a gifted comedian, master of metamorphosis and conjurer who has graced many of the important and unimportant stages in Europe – Wühlmäuse, Schmidt Theater, Quatsch Comedy Club, das Wohnzimmer von Familie Krause to name but a few – has won many important and unimportant prizes (nineteen national and international titles in all, including World Champion in Comedy Magic) and has whipped up storms of rapturous applause from audiences important and unimportant alike. He takes the hearts of his audiences by storm with oodles of charm and humour and his inexhaustible talent for improvisation. While for some he borders on schizophrenia, for others he is the funniest and most magical master of metamorphosis since chameleons were invented.

Chu / TW – „Chu Chuan Ho“

Chu Chuan-Ho was born in Tainan, Taiwan. He became fascinated by the art of diabolo and started practising when he was just eleven. In 2010 he made his first appearance in Europe at the Solycirco Festival in Germany. It resulted in a contract for the big show "Feuerwerk der Turnkunst" and several contracts in Europe followed. Military service in Taiwan meant that Chu did no shows in 2014, but he made a very strong European comeback at the Tigerpalast Variété in Frankfurt am Main in 2015, then in 2017 won his first ever gold prize at the Nikulin Circus Festival. In 2018 he was invited by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco to perform at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Chu loves Europe and European audiences and hopes to discover many other countries and continents during his career.

Tori & the Boys / US – „Tori & the Boys“

New to the Varieté scene, Tori Boggs, Garrett Johnson, and Jesse Crim are multiple time Grand World Jump Rope Champions and World Record Holders. Travelling the world competing and teaching the jump rope discipline for over 20 years, this trio is bringing new entertainment to the Circus scene – the best jump rope act you have ever seen. Performing or Cirque du Soleil, 45 Degrees, Cirque Dreams, Flip Fabrique, GOP Varieté-Group, as well as on international TV shows, TEDx events, and for NBA halftimes, their new 3-person group act is guaranteed to “Wow” and energize, motivating all viewers to enjoy the love for performance that these three champions inspire.
Act design and choreography by Tori Boggs.

Lotta & Stina / FL – „An Ordinary Day“

Imagine two women performing astonishing partner acrobatics, without even the stability of the ground beneath their feet. On the rola-bola, balance becomes imbalance in a fraction of a second. But these girls won’t just surprise you with their graceful power and innovative technique – they’ll charm you and leave you asking for more! Lotta and Stina began working together on the rola-bola in 2001, while performing with a youth circus in Finland. They spent three years perfecting their technique at the prestigious and demanding Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels, from where they graduated in 2008. Since then, they have worked in the Wintergarten Variety, GOP varieties, Apollo Varieté, Oh la la production of Rolf and Gregory Knie, Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde tv show, Palazzo dinners shows, Buskers Bern, La Strada Bremen and much much more!

Duo Cardio / FR, MX – „Perch balancing“

Solène & Rodrigo did their first duet together in 2007, but it was not until 2010 that they became Duo Cardio. Sharing a deep passion for circus arts, they found their true element in Perch Balancing. This technique that they are now developing in their own idiosyncratic way was taught to them by Vladimir Lissovsky in Cirko de Mente (Mexico City). But the act they are presenting now was created very slowly, and it has roots on both sides of the Ocean (just like Solène and Rodrigo). The costumes were born in Buenos Aires, the characters in Uruguay, the routine in Spain and the music was created in Paris by François Morel for the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. Adding a touch of freshness, they present a classic act from a young perspective. This act is highly adaptable and can be presented on all kinds of stages, or even open air.

Johann Prinz / DE – „Remember“

Fair Stand 2.0.4
Johann Prinz’s artistic career seems predestined. Even aged eight he was developing his love of sport at the gymnastics club. He discovered the world of artistry and the circus in circus projects run by the Circus Luna children’s and young people’s circus. Hailing from Hesse, he passed the difficult entry exam for the Berlin State School of Artistry when he was sixteen, completing his training with flying colours in 2019. With powerful moves and seemingly endless turns, he winds ever higher into the air on his aerial straps – a breathtaking performance than won over the jury for his final exam at the School of Artistry and brought him the ’Sprungbrett’ prize.

Helena Jans / BE – „Infinito“

“The first performance I did with Oscar I felt like writing a story on paper but then through the air, like I could talk to people through movements and emotions. This was a magical moment for me and that’s how I knew I wanted to continue doing an aerial straps act with a skeleton as my partner.” As the creation process continued, Helena Jans realized how many meanings and interpretations this act and the use of a skeleton can have. But she also felt that the way to show his essence was in his characteristics, being himself without explanation and letting the audience make up their own minds.. People often ask the artist what the skeleton means to her or if he’s based on someone in her own life. Her answer is, “There’s a lot of curiosity but sometimes I think the answer they come up with themselves after seeing the act is simply enough.”

Mica Paprika / PT – „Glass“

“Glass” is a virtuoso juggling and glass balance act using a mouth stick as a main prop. A gentleman juggler style performance from the golden age of Vaudeville Circus Shows. This number was created to rescue one of the circus techniques that were fading into oblivion and in honour of the legendary jugglers of the early Twentieth Century who made this kind of act famous, such as Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn, WC Fields and Uno Lanka among so many others, who shone with great virtuosity and elegance on the grand stages of variety theatres and circuses around the world. Glasses, wine bottles and balls are the objects used in these dizzying, perfectly balanced and suspenseful constructions that will at times stun your eyes. A touch of magic accompanies this whole event to give it a unique touch of charm and elegance. A toast to the Variety Theatre!

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