That was the 32nd Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg from 26 - 29 Jan 2020.

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The 32nd IKF 2020 in pictures

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Exhibitors and artists

An overview of all the live performances and exhibitors at the 32nd IKF 2020...

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Opening gala

On Sunday, the IKF opened with a brilliant opening gala.

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Special shows

Exhibitions, installations, unusual machines and objects, interactive performances and much more.

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Exceptional thematic highlights or special features, which have been specially produced for the IKF – that are the so-called "Specials".

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Variety evening

The Varieté evening marks the brilliant finale to the IKF. We intend to continue this tradition at the 32nd IKF 2020.

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They roll out the red carpet for the artists...

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Seminar programme

Seminars and workshops on current themes from the culture and events sector.

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Save the date(s)

33rd IKF 2021
Digital only

18. – 20. Jan 2021

34th IKF 2022
23. – 26. Jan 2022


Everything you need to know about getting to Messe Freiburg.
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