Why should I attend?

  • The IKF is a trade fair, not a festival. This means that rather than "regular spectators", the audience is made up of representatives of the culture and event industry with an emphasis on professional event promoters.
  • These promoters come to the IKF to look specifically for new artists and productions for their stages, festivals and corporate events, and they book artists right then and there or in the follow-up to the trade fair.
  • All of the performing artists receive a detailed write-up in the IKF catalogue – the "Yellow Pages" of the industry – which promoters consult for their planning throughout the year, even after the trade fair.
  • A live performance at the IKF often serves as a launching pad for new artists and productions.
  • The IKF is the perfect platform to make new contacts, to network, and to raise your profile in the industry.


32. IKF 2020

Opening Gala:
26 January 2020

Trade fair:
27– 29 January 2020


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