Cie Neige Scariot

Cie Neige Scariot


Cie Neige Scariot – Amour Electrique

In a kitchen, a woman tries to listen to the radio, a man listens only to his guitar, the electricity is palpable, the perfect place for an argument ...
"Amour Electrique" is a duo of flamenco dance and amplified music that tries to transcribe the emotional states through which two lovers pass. We love each other but we fight, it's inevitable and almost mandatory!
"Love" because we are talking about two beings, a man and a woman, a musician and a dancer. "Electric" because the music is amplified and because love between them is like an alternating current, oscillating between feelings of desire and misunderstanding, boredom and surprise, sadness and joy.
Staging, choreography et interpretation: Neige Scariot; Staging, musical creation and interpretation: Baptiste Dequet; Production: Yalla Flamenco.

Physical Theatre, Dance

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:
Région Grand Est

28. January 2020

17:00 - 17:20

Street Theatre

Cie Neige Scariot – Amour Electrique

Street Theatre

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33rd IKF 2021

Opening Gala:
17. Jan 2021

Trade fair:
18. – 20. Jan 2021


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