Opportunities to participate

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in taking part in the digital IKF!

At IKF.digital, there is a password-secured area that allows you to access and participate in all offerings. Please note that this password-protected area is only available to trade participants who have purchased a ticket and created a profile on the IKF.digital website. This allows you to view the list of participants and gives you the opportunity to contact other registered trade participants.

In addition, you will have access to detailed information about exhibitors and artistes and to the online appointments diary for video meetings with exhibitors, where you’ll be able to set up appointments during the digital IKF from 12.January 2021. And of course you’ll be able to take part in the full range of events in the online framework programme of talks, seminars and discussions as well as the voting for the FREIBURGER LEITER.

You can find information on everything on offer at the IKF.digital here.

Taking part as a trade visitor

Take advantage of the digital IKF for swapping ideas and information with other participants and for refreshing and extending your network.

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Taking part as an exhibitor or artiste

Show what you’ve got as an exhibitor or artiste on your very own page and take advantage of the online appointments diary and videos to get yourself noticed!

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Save the date(s)

34th IKF 2022
23. – 26. Jan 2022

35th IKF 2023:
22. - 25. Jan 2023


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