Albers Ahoi!

Albers Ahoi!


Albers Ahoi! – Albers Ahoi! Varieté

Five dashing sailors take us through a colourful revue evening with bravura and catchy music featuring classics by the legendary Hans Albers.
It includes artistes from all over the world showing what they can do – Freddy “On the Corner” leaping with his ‘tüdelband’ rope, two acrobats doing their turns hand on hand “right back there where the lighthouse is” and making free with the line “Hup! here I come” the scantily-dressed Ten-Ton Tessie with her hula hoops.
Amusing stories from the logbook and poetic moments spice things up on deck. And a reunion with illustrious port characters like “Aale-Dietrich” can’t be ruled out either!
The audience can look forward to a variety show with wonderful scenery, a good helping of wit and high-class artistry.Photo: © Lisa Knauer

Variety Show

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27. January 2020

18:00 - 18:20

Theatre 1

Albers Ahoi! – Albers Ahoi! Varieté

Theatre 1

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17. Jan 2021

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18. – 20. Jan 2021


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