Alexander Merk

Alexander Merk



Once a month something extremely strange happens to all of us. At least that’s what scientists have worked out. That’s not enough for magician Alexander Merk from Berlin. He contradicts the statistics. The German master of magic presents a firework display of truly strange things in his new show. Don’t be surprised if something painted suddenly becomes real, if thoughts are read or a curious poltergeist starts wreaking havoc. Be amazed at a truly strange unleashing and experience what a master magician does if something goes really horribly wrong.
You can look forward to a magic show with wit and poetry and many magical moments. With this programme Alexander Merk becomes worthy of his name; "Merkwürdig!".

Comedy, Gala, Variety Show, Conjuring

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Stein Management

26. January 2022

14:00 - 14:20

Theatre 2


Theatre 2

Den Monemt fest halten | Zauberkünstler Alexander Merk

Das Gänseblümchen | Zauberkünstler Alexander Merk

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