Andrina Bollinger

Andrina Bollinger


Andrina Bollinger Solo

Andrina Bollinger’s music is a space that is constantly changing. Sometimes it appears as a castle, then again as Turrell’s Skyspace, or it reveals itself as an interior ocean.
Bollinger explores and plays all these spaces with her voice, screaming, humming and wheezing in them to create pieces, each of which is a space in itself. In these rooms, the artiste from Zurich with roots in Engadin explores subjects that are inspired by painting and poetry, politics and emotional events. In keeping with Bollinger’s interests, the range is endless. This performer has celebrated her variety and diversity in her own prize-winning projects such as Eclecta and JPTR, or with 
Erik Truffaz, the French sound magician on the trumpet and now in her solo project, in which all these influences converge into one big whole – into Andrina Bollinger’s space, her castle, her music.

Indie, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Stage language/s:
English, Rhaeto-Romance

Represented by:

25. January 2022

10:30 - 10:50

Music Hall

Andrina Bollinger Solo

Andrina Bollinger - Ship

Andrina Bollinger solo im Exil Zürich

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