Andy Häussler

Andy Häussler


Kraft der Träume

In this, his third solo show, Andy Häussler presents phenomena of suggestion and reads the minds of his audience. He finds out what people’s dreams are, interprets what handwriting subconsciously says and fulfils one audience member’s dream of winning. He can notice things other people can only dream about. His subconscious lets him find things that are hidden. He influences the unconscious of his audience to let them, too, do astounding things, and finishes by searching for the dream partner for a member of the audience. In amongst his incredible mental magic experiments, the audience can find out all sorts of astounding and curious as well as funny things about our dreams. Andy Häussler uses his five senses to create the effect of a sixth sense. Andy Häussler has been awarded the 2021 Baden-Württemberg Cabaret Prize.


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Seitzinger Kultur

25. January 2022

17:00 - 17:20

Theatre 2

Kraft der Träume

Theatre 2

Andy Häussler - Kraft der Träume (Trailer)

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