Anne Folger

Anne Folger


Fußnoten sind keine Reflexzonen

There are some notes that you don’t find in the text. The catch in the small print behind the compliment, the euphoric headline with an ironic aftertaste. Anne’s takes on things are wilful and can seem flippant while being profound. With wit and irony she sings in Rosamunde Pilcher style against big corporations, about the happiness of flying when your legs stand firmly on the ground, vividly parodies Beethoven’s Götterfunken under lockdown and alcohol conditions, has Doremi, the influencer from her first show “Selbstläufer” explain in a new tutorial why intervals are good for fasting and why you can’t put tritonic in your gin. When the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” sounds like Shostakovich or when the races chase across the keyboard in “Flying Robert” she demonstrates her impressive skill as a pianist as well

Musical Cabaret

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Represented by:
Agentur Fülle

24. January 2022

11:30 - 11:50

Theatre 1

Fußnoten sind keine Reflexzonen

Theatre 1

Anne Folger Trailer zum Liveprogramm: Fußnoten sind keine Reflexzonen

Anne Folger – Pilcherfilm

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