Annette Postel

Annette Postel


Annette Postel – Alles TANGO oder was?

German Tango Argentino & comedy? Unheard of!
In a stage feast of music and glamour Annette Postel puts her own tongue-in-cheek words to Argentinian tango hits played by bandoneonist Norbert Kotzan (of Bien Portenos) and pianist Bobbi Fischer (of Tango Five and Berta Epple) who together make up Tangomafia – with commentary by “Madame de Toilette” of the Palatinate who bears more than a passing resemblance to her famous comedy character Carmen and with wit and comedy takes on heroes, men, tango snobs and the depths of man-woman relationships.
Annette Postel is a multi-award winning musical cabaret artist who has also been described as “the only operatic comedienne”.
Norbert Kotzan and Bobbi Fischer are among Germany’s best-known tango instrumentalists and together with “la Postel” will play all the bog emotions right under your skin. Guaranteed!

Chanson, Gala, Cabaret, Musical Cabaret

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Represented by:
Agentur Fülle

27. January 2020

14:00 - 14:20

Theatre 1

Annette Postel – Alles TANGO oder was?

Theatre 1

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