Axel Pätz, Tastenkabarett

Axel Pätz, Tastenkabarett



Welcome to the Anthropocene! We have everything that man needs. What nobody needs we have double and threefold and still want “Mehr!” (More!). Faster, higher, further on the no upper limit must-have scale. Who rests costs and costs are what we can happily do without. Deceleration? Sure, but only in a zig-zag if you please. Terra is just a synonym for a whole, reall big, lot of storage space, and creation is at best a suffix of value creation.
With incisive sight and fine sarcasm, Axel Pätz develops a bizarre panorama of the world we struggle through day by day. He is a virtuoso on the piano and the accordion, but so inconspicuously that the polished lyrics and cunning puns behind them do not pale. Many cabaret prizes and awards are the proof.

Musical Cabaret

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26. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Theatre 1


Theatre 1

Axel Paetz live: "Schubladen"

Axel Paetz live: "Rollator"

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