Bad Mouse Orchestra

Bad Mouse Orchestra

Germany, United Kingdom

Drunk With Love

The Bad Mouse Orchestra brings the Swing sound of the 1920s back to life. Whether laid back and sassy with knickerbockers and flat caps or elegant in classic evening wear, they are reminiscent of the sound of tucked-way bars and salons where folks danced the night away to the Shimmy and the Charleston. 
As well as jazz classics and long-forgotten tunes from the early 20th century, their repertoire includes songs by queer artists of the era. Between the two World Wars there was a brief, liberal period when LGBTQ culture and its music were able to flourish in the big cities of Europe and America. This came to an abrupt end in the mid-thirties and a lot of songs and artists were banished from cultural memory. The Bad Mouse Orchestra presents a personal selection of these songs that tell so much about hope, loss and love.

Jazz, Swing

Stage language/s:
German, English

Represented by:
Herzog Records

24. January 2022

11:00 - 11:20

Music Hall

Drunk With Love

Music Hall

Let's misbehave - Bad Mouse Orchestra in the studio!

Anything Goes - Memory Reel

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