Beier & Hang

Beier & Hang


Beklopptimierung – Lebst du noch oder funktionierst du schon?

This pair slip happily into any role and bring out its darkest sides! In their rapid-fire stand-up comedy show they present characters that are as rude and cocky as they are funny.
Their show is called “Beklopptimierung – Lebst du noch oder funktionierst du schon?“
They make fun of the obsession our society has with optimising everything and furnish the absurdities with musical inserts. This makes their show unbelievably varied and keeps their audience gripped from start to finish, since you never know what world of emotion is going to be served up next. You gasp open-mouthed, you buckle up with laughter or you suffer with their characters, which are all in tune with the times. They have been described as the “young rock stars of the cabaret scene”.

Comedy, Cabaret

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Agentur Zweigold GmbH

26. January 2022

17:30 - 17:50

Theatre 1

Beklopptimierung – Lebst du noch oder funktionierst du schon?

Theatre 1

Beier & Hang - Bist du schon optimiert?

BEIER & HANG | "Beklopptimierung" (22.03.2019 | mü

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