Kaputt oder was

No way through – everyone’s going crazy – even building association savers are dancing on the tabletops in their cord suits and the emergency aisles are blocked by streamers piled high. No wonder – Bembers rocks the Republic’s stages at full pelt in this, his brand-new fourth solo show, “Kaputt oder was?” Freshly unpacked, virginal, with a shining aura, smelling like new cars, gleaming and without a scratch – everything super – here it is – the Bembers Bingo-Bongo Machine – as though to order – the non plus ultra of storytelling since its founder Brümm – plugged in and running! “Kaputt oder was?” gives its two cents worth on everything, shows us what’s what, without much ado, in the canteen, in the kitchen at home, on the great world stage or at the fast food stall on the corner – - who gives a shit - it's all just sausages who gives a f**k  – it’s all the same.


Stage language/s:

26. January 2022

10:30 - 10:50

Theatre 1

Kaputt oder was

Theatre 1

Das Energy Drink Massaker

Der Pickel am Arsch

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