Bene Reinisch

Bene Reinisch


Irgendwas mit Meinung

Bene Reinisch is a thoughtful revolutionary who proves to his audience that you don’t need grey hair to bring over sophisticated content with snappy punchlines. In “Irgendwas mit Meinung”, his first cabaret show, he takes himself into the eye of the storm of outrage between the entrenched fronts of facts and comment columns with a critical take on things and enthralled by the idea of freedom. He finds that his criticism of alternative medicine is scientifically proven and takes the Catholic Church to task with a hard critical look at its machinations. Raised in arch-conservative Fulda with Swabian roots and living by choice in Hamburg, he tells in his casually charming way of such things as his childhood as the offspring of professional parents and his youth as a punk, constantly drawing pictures that let us give rein to our most cherished prejudices.

Cabaret, Stand-up Comedy

Stage language/s:

25. January 2022

16:30 - 16:50

Theatre 2

Irgendwas mit Meinung

Theatre 2

Bene Reinisch | "Irgendwas mit Meinung" | Teaser

Bene Reinisch | "Irgendwas mit Meinung" | Studio Trailer

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