Carlo Mô

Carlo Mô



Carlo Mô appears with a wall on his back, carrying everything he finds onto him, with his absurd survival instinct. Like the burdens of life, sometimes all of this becomes something dear and necessary, and other times a useless and endless work, similar to that of Sisyphus in Greek mythology or that of Diogenes accumulating emotions and memories. The absurd gives meaning to his life and perhaps ours. YOU: You. GUR: Primary instinct of pleasure and survival, which causes an obsession with carrying things on your back. A physical comedy show, to be represented on the street, with the personal view and style of Carlo Mô. Mô travels from the primary to the poetic language. Directed by Leandre Ribera. “Volume, weight, absurd humor, originality = YouGur. Wild humanity, clown, passion for life = Carlo Mô”

Physical Theatre, Clown Theatre

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

26. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Street Theatre


Street Theatre


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