Chin Meyer

Chin Meyer


Leben im Plus - Kabarett, Geld und mehr

“When the world is on its head there’s no need to be headless”. That’s the motto of Chin Meyer. Always up-to-date, this life-affirming satirist and understander of capitalism has been delivering razor-sharp and fitting analyses of the current situation for more than a decade now. In his shows, Chin Meyer in his sharp-tongued and cheerful, witty and mordant, charming and improvisation-loving, musical and entertaining way trawls on the stage through the connections between money, power and morals in society, industry and politics. Whether it’s digitalisation, artificial intelligence, tax theft or immigration, Chin Meyer finds the absurdities in the system, pokes around in them with great enjoyment, explains and fights with vehement pleas against ignorance and narrow-mindedness and for pluralism, for colourfulness, for our democracy.

Comedy, Cabaret, Satire

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24. January 2022

11:00 - 11:20

Theatre 1

Leben im Plus - Kabarett, Geld und mehr

Theatre 1

Leben im Plus - Trailer

Chin Meyer - für Artists Against Corona

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