Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood! + Julien Lourau

Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood! + Julien Lourau


Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood! + Julien Lourau

ForYourOwnGood!, the trio of turbulent french pianist Christophe Imbs, returns - after a first record which "shattered the imposed figures of the jazz trio" (HiKO) - with this new creation which now includes Julien Lourau, the "valiant gladiator of the French tenor saxophone". Christophe Imbs has surrounded himself with a team of committed, creative and barrier-free musicians (including Anne Paceo, the drummer with the 3 "Victoires du Jazz") who are not afraid of the idea of rubbing shoulders with the very broad aesthetics that constitute his musical universe. Equipped with the instruments of the acoustic quartet connected to electric and electronic effects of all kinds, the project produces a raw and dense sound, full and modern, which develops a personal and intense music that plays with borders and styles.


Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

25. January 2022

15:00 - 15:20

Music Hall

Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood! + Julien Lourau

Christophe Imbs "ForYourOwnGood + Julien Lourau" Full Live (ARTE CONCERT)

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