Circo Carpa Diem

Circo Carpa Diem


Dolce Salato

He is naive, distracted and dreamy, she is pure energy, speed and movement. Together they are like water and flour, baking a loaf of bread on a day that seems plain and normal, just like our daily bread, but in reality is magical and amazing, just like this pair. Tuli reads upside down suspended on a mast, and Vroni rides her bicycle with her hands and steers it with her feet. Between acrobatic tricks on the floor and in the air, these two Italians work their ingredients in their very own way, kneading the dough with a great deal of humour, forming the rolls and then baking them in a hot oven, accompanied by music from the radio. A refreshing show combining street theatre with circus and suitable for all ages. Winner of the 2020 Otello Sarzi Award.

Acrobatics, Cirque Nouveau

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:
Circo Carpa Diem

24. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Street Theatre

Dolce Salato

Street Theatre

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