Claudia Ossola

Claudia Ossola



“Prospero” is a thriving world.
The abundance of the present in which the dual dissolves.
It's a way to have fun with one's masks and ways of manifesting oneself to the world.
The wardrobe shakes to express emotions and seek contact.
The woman tries to contain it in order to preserve and protect the inner life. In this delicate balance, the woman and wardrobe play the boundaries of their being together, establishing new and wider ones up to a passionate, tender and melancholy farewell.
A lively play of doors and vegetation will bring the woman to manifest herself, revealing her nature to us, through an acrobatic game inside the wardrobe, now stripped of the doors.
"Every poet of furniture knows that the space inside the wardrobe is deep. It's a space of intimacy, a space that does not open in front of anyone“ (G. Bachelard).

Acrobatics, Physical Theatre, Cirque Nouveau, Performance

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:
Claudia Ossola

24. January 2022

16:00 - 16:20

Street Theatre


Street Theatre

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