Edu Manazas

Edu Manazas


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“Out of Stock” talks about dreams, hopes, illusions, about life, your life, about living it, about playing... An office, a warehouse, a factory... Work, folders, incomes, expenses, balances, inventories, profits, losses… Work for living? Living for working? Where do I fit? What am I in this gear, in this machinery? A show about the work, people and their relationship, full of desires and wishes. Told in a circus tone through juggling, acrobatics, a Chinese pole and lot of dreams. The show received the Award of the Setúbal International Theatre Festival 2020 (Portugal). Almost two decades after catching his first ball, Edu has developed his career as a circus artist focusing on juggling and the Chinese Pole. During his education circus was mixed with theatre and dance having as teachers such great artists as Stefan Sing or Gandini.

Acrobatics, Cirque Nouveau, Juggling, Object Theatre, Visual Comedy

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:
Edu Manazas

25. January 2022

11:00 - 11:20

Street Theatre

Out of Stock

Street Theatre

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