Elias Oechsner

Elias Oechsner


Heppa Oder Philosophieunterricht Für Klein Und Rund

There’s this crazy happy guy. He lives in his own little world, speaks his own invented language and imagines that his juggling balls are alive. 
He has prepared a fantastic number with them. The balls sit on small chairs just as though they were his students, and he hilariously shows what they are capable of.
But just before the performance starts the klutz has his first problem – where is his favourite ball Nubi?
“Heppa” won the Bronze Star at the Young Stage International Circus Festival in 2019 and the FREIBURGER LEITER at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg in January 2021. Elias Oechsner learned juggling as a teenager and couldn’t stop. At the Codarts Circus Arts circus school he noticed that there was far more to learn than just juggling seven balls: Dance, theatre and clowning became his passions.

Cirque Nouveau, Gala, Juggling, Object Theatre, Variety Show

Stage language/s:
German, French


Represented by:
Elias Oechsner

24. January 2022

14:30 - 14:50

Theatre 2

Heppa Oder Philosophieunterricht Für Klein Und Rund

Theatre 2

"Heppa" Juggling Act by Elias Oechsner at Young Stage 2019

"Heppa" Juggling Act by Elias Oechsner at Ting – Koo – Ki Mad Skills Battle Gala 2019

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