Erkin Cavus & Reentko Dirks

Erkin Cavus & Reentko Dirks

Germany, Turkey

Istanbul 1900

 Reentko Dirks is a guitarist and composer who has been nominated for the Grimme Prize. Equally at home in Classical and pop music, he has developed his own unorthodox playing techniques on the guitar. He is also deeply involved in Flamenco and non-European music, even living for around six months in Jerusalem so that he could immerse himself in the Arab music there. His concert tours and workshops now take him to concert halls on almost every continent. His current CD “Road to Lhasa” is a purely solo album on which Reentko goes back to his musical roots. Creating a sound that is stripped back and without any overdubs, Reentko makes stops on this imaginary journey to Lhasa at musical stations in his biography, ranging from Turkish folk music to Flamenco to Jimi Hendrix.

Classical Music, World Music

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:

24. January 2022

17:00 - 17:20

Music Hall

Istanbul 1900

Music Hall



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