Eva Karl Faltermeier

Eva Karl Faltermeier


Es geht dahi

“No filter" could be Eva Karl Faltermeier’s motto, because with a big portion of fatalism she tells of important stages in life and sketches a potpourri of setbacks, while cultivating a characteristic that men are forgiven and women are vilified for. We’re talking about grumbling, which she skilfully uses on stage to get herself into a rage and beyond. And the faster she talks, the more clearly her thoughts seem to shine and the more furiously she weaves her tales from the provinces that are a lot but provincial they are not. More universal. If you’re looking for the homage of perfection, you should just keep on navigating around Instagram and Facebook. But anyone who can stand looking at reality will find it a true pleasure to see this cabarettist at work


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Agentur Zweigold GmbH

24. January 2022

18:30 - 18:50

Theatre 2

Es geht dahi

Theatre 2

Eva Karl Faltermeier - Scheißhaus on fleek

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