Florian Hacke

Florian Hacke


Nichts darf man mehr!!1

A course on breathing for the angry and all those who never want to be angry. Whether on Facebook or in real life, on Maischberger’s show or Lanz’s show on TV, in the street by complete strangers or at family parties with relations, it’s hacked into comment columns, loudly complained, or conspiratorially whispered, “You’re not allowed to do anything anymore!” But wait! Is that really true? Can’t you do anything anymore now? The shocking truth is: yes you can. If you’re not stirring up hatred, slandering people or denying the Holocaust, the law says you can do practically anything. Go out on the street and burn the new version of Pippi Longstocking because “he’s not called South Sea King!”, bathe in the last stocks of Z sauce, you’re allowed. But do you have to do it, just because you’re allowed to? Long live the grey area! Make ambivalence great again!

Cabaret, Poetry Slam, Satire, Spoken Word, Stand-up Comedy

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24. January 2022

14:30 - 14:50

Theatre 1

Nichts darf man mehr!!1

Theatre 1

Florian Hacke - Schneeweißnich und Dosenbrot

Florian Hacke - Mamiblogs

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