Gema 4

Gema 4

Spain, Cuba

Gema 4

Gema 4, Las Cuatro Gemas (The Four Gems), as the vocal quartet was originally called, are celebrating 25 years on the stage as one of the major exponents of their genre at international level.Gema 4 was founded in Havana in 1991, and the four singers developed the idea of bringing timeless old songs and nearly forgotten musical styles up to date. They are especially dedicated to the Bolero, once an extremely popular Cuban style of Filín and Són with its treasure trove of traditional songs, as well as Guarachas and Chachacha.Gema 4 takes the audience through the jewels of Cuban music with a sense of humour and a lightness that have marked them out since their early days.

A cappella

Stage language/s:
English, Spanish

Represented by:

25. January 2022

11:30 - 11:50

Music Hall

Gema 4

Gema 4 "Piel Canela" (Bobby Capó)

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35th IKF 2023:
22. - 25. Jan 2023

36th IKF 2024:
21. - 24. Jan 2024


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