Happy Hour

Shards bring good luck, so it’s said. But if you’re after a proper portion of luck you’ll leave the bottle in one piece. And make music with it. Bottle music.
In “Happy Hour”, GlasBlasSing face the sunny side of life fearlessly and fully and ask, “What does us good?” Can we be too happy, and what does that sound like as music? Dividing happiness to multiply it? How can mathematicians bear that? Is a beer bottle filled up to the middle half full or half empty? (Answer: neither, it’s a C Sharp.) “Happy Hour” is an acoustic delight, produced on everything the liquid storage trade has to offer. Happiness is maybe not a warm gun, but certainly a half-full bottle. That’s what GlasBlasSing stand for – Europe’s leading glassblowers, as ever with their cumbersome name. So now it’s up to you to grab your happiness in both hands and be there.

Comedy, Musical Cabaret

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z management

24. January 2022

19:30 - 19:50

Theatre 2

Happy Hour

Theatre 2

GlasBlasSing - Happy Hour - Programm-Trailer


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