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Ill-Young Kim


Kim kommt!

It‘s 2022. The USA is moving away from Europe and Asia is getting closer and closer. The adventures of Ill-Young Kim are hotly topical and authentic as he goes about to explore new depths. Many light years away from the mother planet Korea he boldly goes into galaxies that no-one has ever seen on the stage before. He draws on hair-raising things he has experienced as a German, born and bred in Cologne, with an Asiatic appearance. Including being mistaken for the North Korean dictator. Chaos erupts in the Chinese restaurant. And Kim thinks dogs are sweet enough to eat in any case. Ill-Young Kim presents his spicy view of things in his casually charming way, uncovering many a prejudice along the way. lll-Young Kim has appeared in many TV shows as an actor and presenter and, since 2010, as a stand-up comedian.

Comedy, Stand-up Comedy

Stage language/s:

25. January 2022

14:30 - 14:50

Theatre 1

Kim kommt!

Theatre 1

Ill-Young Kim sieht alles in 16:9

Ill-Young Kim beim Stamm-Chinesen - Comedy Champion

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