Jakob Schwerdtfeger

Jakob Schwerdtfeger


Ein Bild für die Götter

What does a hot dog eating contest have to do with art? How much rosé do I have to drink so as not to stick out in art circles? And why do men slap each other on the back when they do man hugs as though the other guy was a piñata? Jakob Schwerdtfeger has the answers because he is an art historian and battle rapper. And his take on art is just as unusual as this combination. It’s humorous, self-ironic and snarky. As he says, “For me the Mona Lisa was like sex on the beach. I’d imagined it being raunchier.” His subjects range from chess to swimming pool chips, from baroque to Bushido. A life between exhibition opening and cock-fighting. With his snooty boy on one shoulder and his naughty boy on the other, Schwerdtfeger on stage is a picture for the gods – “Schwerdtfeger’s performance is a vehement declaration of love to the fine arts” according to the newspaper General-Anzeiger Bonn.

Comedy, Cabaret

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HERBERT Management

25. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Theatre 1

Ein Bild für die Götter

Theatre 1

Jakob Schwerdtfeger – Trailer

Jakob Schwerdtfeger – Ein Bild für die Götter (Programmausschnitt)

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