Johnny Armstrong

Johnny Armstrong

Germany, United Kingdom

Gnadenlos 2

Johnny Armstrong is the bald, bearded Brit with Celtic roots who has already rocked at events like the RTL Comedy Awards and on TV Total and Comedy Central. This is the comedy hooligan’s excruciatingly funny second solo show and in it he gives us a completely new show in the English comedy style, just that it’s in German. His gags fire an incredible barrage of punchlines like from a machine gun as he aims his dark humour at the trauma of life and eases the pain – by letting us laugh together. It’s a manifesto of incoherency filled to the brim with entertaining stories, marinated in self-irony and seasoned with puns. If you’re looking for a common thread, you might just as well try with one of Johnny’s beard hairs.
Warning: this show is not for softies. Johnny pulls out all the stops in his fight against drabness – “Gnadenlos 2“: Even harder, even cruder, even more merciless!

Comedy, Spoken Word, Stand-up Comedy

Stage language/s:
German, English

Represented by:
Stein Management

25. January 2022

17:00 - 17:20

Theatre 1

Gnadenlos 2

Theatre 1

JOHNNY ARMSTRONG. Engländer schießt gnadenlose Witze ab - Comedy Tower

Johnny Armstrong: Meine Freundin | 1LIVE Generation Gag

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