Remote Control - short version

A living comic strip with an uncertain outcome. The shadow of a young woman lives in a two-dimensional world. What is real, and what is fiction? Is it possible to escape into the third dimension and take on a real body? Is this the hope-for freedom, or is it just the next level in a big game? The sensuous story hovers with breath-taking speed between TV zapping, dream, Wild West duel and East Asian swordfight. Kaleidolux devote themselves to unexpected ideas to use the boundless imagination of the shadowplay to take their audience to extraordinary worlds. They work passionately across genre boundaries with guest artists, in this case with Svend Renkenberger.
Like their stories, they prefer the venues they play to be unusual. Whether on a stage or in the street or standing in a riverbed, everything is celebrated equally.

Shadow Theatre, Dance

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal


Represented by:

25. January 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Theatre 2

Remote Control - short version

Theatre 2

Remote Control

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