Lars Redlich

Lars Redlich


Ein bisschen Lars muss sein

“Lars Redlich is getting to be one of this country’s coming big many-sided entertainers,” writes the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper. His first solo show, “Lars But Not Least!” was acclaimed by the press and audiences alike and won more than 15 cabaret prizes. Now it is followed up by his second go. In his new show “Ein bisschen Lars muss sein”, he sings, swings and jumps from the soprano aria to hip-hop, declares Mickie Krause’s “Zehn nackte Frisösen” to be part of the world cultural heritage and ponders on mayflies having one night stands. His request concert taking requests called out from the audience is musically brilliant and very spontaneous – every song requested by the audience must be played, which can be counted on to end in salvoes of laughter and horde singing. Lars Redlich offers a top drawer show of high-quality musical cabaret and intelligent comedy.

Comedy, Musical Cabaret

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Agentur Reisinger

26. January 2022

11:30 - 11:50

Theatre 1

Ein bisschen Lars muss sein

Theatre 1

Der improvisierte Song

Trailer "Ein bisschen Lars muss sein"

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