Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio ft. Ivan Trenev

Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio ft. Ivan Trenev

Austria, North Macedonia

Klezmer Explosion

Wrapping the traditional sound in new clothes. The Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio takes the story of klezmer onwards, retelling it in a wonderfully expanded musical language. “Klezmer Explosion” describes a special featuring project, involving bringing in guest musicians, improvising and rewriting. On the sound of a meat grinder or the train journey in Canada in Ontario I & II. The accordionist Ivan Trenev, who hails from the Balkans, has lived in Austria for ten years. His artistic commitment can be described as boundless – from classical music to tango, balkan and jazz to contemporary projects. Ivan Trenev makes the diversity of the accordion shine out and knows how to make his contribution to any ensemble with empathy and virtuosity. 

Folk, Jazz, Klezmer, World Music

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

Represented by:
Styrian Klezmore

25. January 2022

17:30 - 17:50

Music Hall

Klezmer Explosion

ALE BRIDER, ALE SHVESTER - Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio & Friends (Klezmer Explosion 2020)

Der Fleischwolf (LIVE) || Styriarte Festival 2020

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