Musina Ebobissé

Musina Ebobissé



Musina Ebobissé is from Savergne in Alsace, with a French mother and Cameroonian father, and has a predilection for blues, reggae, hip-hop and rock. Although he spent his time at the Strasburg Conservatory studying jazz and sociology, he has played in acclaimed scene bands such as TND, FREEZ, Art District and many others with growing enthusiasm.
Musina Ebobissé says about himself, “The fact that I soaked up Bob Marley, Ben Harper and Jimi Hendrix with every thread of my body does not automatically mean that I sound like them.” Instead, his paths were generally rather convoluted. At first, his dad wanted the boy to play piano, then he started learning guitar, followed when he was eight by the saxophone. “It wasn’t my absolute favourite instrument to begin with. But now I know that I can’t express myself better anywhere else.”


Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal

26. January 2022

11:30 - 11:50

Music Hall


Musina Ebobissé Quintet Album Trailer

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